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  • karate kick

    How to Break the Web CMS Replacement Cycle

    Our industry has accepted that it's perfectly normal to replace your web content management system every three to five years.

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  • building blocks to the MarTech stack

    Building Your MarTech Stack: Selection Strategies for Success

    The promise of an all-in-one MarTech solution that opens up new capabilities and accelerates growth is alluring, but it’s rare a single vendor can deliver that.  Not to mention your IT and development counterparts may feel wary of the IT lock-in that can occur with all-in-one solutions.

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  • lego time in the living room

    Look to Legos for DX Platform Agility Tips

    Agility is a hot word in business today, with businesses competing on how quickly they can adapt to the ever-changing customer needs of their industry.

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  • pitching

    How to Sell Procurement on Your Digital Transformation Plan

    Your CEO has handed down a mandate: improve the customer experience. She says it will be your most important competitive advantage.   And you will get there through digital transformation, the foundation of which includes building out your digital experience or MarTech stack.

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  • unhappy kitty

    Marketers: There's More Than One Way to Skin a Stack

    Marketing leaders are struggling to keep track of all of the tools in use across their organization. A marketing stack helps CMOs gain an understanding of the marketing technology being used, tested and retired throughout their company. Most marketers start by creating defined layers of key product categories (e.g.

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  • iterations

    3 Ways Marketers Can Survive Constant Stack Iteration

    When Robert and Kate Kestnbaum first had the novel idea to pioneer database marketing in the 1980s, little did they know that history would eventually look back on them as the architects of a multi-billion dollar industry: marketing technology. Roughly 35 years later, MarTech has exploded, now comprising more than

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