Drupal 8.8.0 — the last normal feature release of Drupal 8 — is now available for download. Some of the updates in this release include:

  • Stable Media Library: The media library allows reuse of images, documents, videos and other digital assets across the website. The media library was previously a beta experimental module.
  • Experimental Administration Theme: A new experimental theme called Claro has been added to Drupal core. It includes better touch support and accessibility.
  • Workspaces Improvements: Workspaces can now work with Content Moderation, and it’s now possible to define hierarchical workspaces.
  • Native Composer Support: Composer has been included with Drupal for the first time. Now users can create new sites with a one-line command without reliance on third-party projects.

Acquia’s Acquisition of AgilOne

Acquia is set to acquire AgilOne, a customer data platform. The digital experience platforms hopes to leverage AgilOne’s data and machine learning capabilities to help their clients fundamentally improve their customer experiences.

More specifically, the CDP will give Acquia a competitive advantage because the software can intelligently segment customers and predict customer behaviors. With Acquia and AgilOne together, brands can create a unified customer profile using data from all of their back-end systems.

More: What is a CDP?

WordPress Releases “Tentative Release Calendar”

The WordPress team has released a tentative release calendar detailing the scheduled release dates for WordPress 5.4 onward. The Calendar reveals that WordPress 6.0 is scheduled for release on Dec. 7.

Learning Opportunities

Additionally, the WordPress team explained that progress had been made on the nine projects currently underway. The projects range from adding the Site Health plugin to WordPress core, to forming a “Triage team to tackle our 6,500 open issues on Trac.

Other Open Source CMS News

Crafter Software — the provider of Crafter CMS — announced investment from Lighter Capital. The funding will help Crafter drive customer success and nurture its open source community.

TYPO3 announced the release of TYPO3 10.2.2, TYPO3 9.5.13 LTS, and TYPO3 8.7.30 LTS. These are all important security releases for its enterprise content management system.

Joomla 3.9.14 was recently released. This version brings two security fixes and numerous minor improvements to the platform.

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