Joomla has released version 3.4.4 of its open source content management system (CMS), the Joomla team announced this week. The maintenance release addresses a low priority XSS vulnerability.

"Our production team is continually improving the code of Joomla as new needs of our CMS users arise, systems we rely upon change, and we improve our feature set," said Jessica Dunbar, production leadership team liaison at Joomla.

What's Inside?

Details of release include: 

  • en-GB Language Cleanup
  • Fixes for MSSQL and PostgresSQL Joomla InstallationsJQuery
  • HTML5Shiv
  • CodeMirror updates and Joomla code style rules implementation

The next major version of Joomla, version 3.5, is expected next month. According to Joomla team members, Roland Dalmulder is leading the charge with help from George Wilson, will be leading the version 3.5 release. Dalmulder is leader of the "Joomla Bug Squad," and both are members of the Production Leadership Team.

Learning Opportunities

Joomla, which began on Aug. 17, 2005, now includes a community with more than 200 user groups across the globe. The community released Joomla version 3.4.3, another maintenance release.

Joomla officials resolved nine bugs with the 3.4.3 release. See the list of fixed GitHub issues for details of the tracker items fixed. For known issues with the 3.4.3 release, see the Version 3.4.3 FAQ in the documentation site.

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