Think analytics are too expensive or too complicated to introduce into the workplace? Accenture claims its new Insights Platform could solve your problems.

The integrated suite is a flexible Analytics-as-a-Service offering designed to provide real time, actionable insights. What's more, it's supposed to be appropriate for use by everyone from data scientists to C-Suite executives.

Flexible and Scalable

This was always the promise of the cloud: Relatively cheap technologies that are easy to use, install and  maintain.

John Matchette, managing director for analytics at Accenture, said the release was driven by companies that need to respond quickly to rapidly changing markets.

“The low barrier of entry combined with flexibility can enable businesses to quickly implement creative and transformative ideas,” he told CMSwire.

Initial insights are produced in weeks rather than the months it takes with some analytics platforms, Matchette said, noting that the platform has a preconfigured, industrialized end-to-end architecture that can typically be provisioned within 24 hours.

In addition, he said, Accenture has global data scientists "who are trained and ready to assist businesses in the use of the platform." Accenture can also provide customers with ready to use industry specific applications that sit on top of the platform’s architecture, he noted.

What Do You Get?

What you get depends on what it is you want, if you believe Accenture. The company claims the platform is completely customizable, depending on a company’s need.

The platform can ingest, store and analyze data and comes with an array of client-centric applications, including advance analytics developed through the Accenture Analytics Applications Platform.

It also comes with data visualization and management services as well as insight execution and a round-the-clock support.

“The platform breeds and supports a data-driven culture within an organization. It's designed to solve business problems in an agile way, encouraging a more dynamic decision-making process for a broad user base,” Narendra Mulani, senior managing director at Accenture, noted in a statement.