Radius has an offer for Salesforce users that will cost them nothing to accept. Literally. 

It is a free report analyzing the company's marketing operations based on its historical success rates and generated by Radius' predictive analytics. The report is called Radius CMO Insight and the company has recently enhanced it with a new category called recommended segment.

This new category likely is behind the free offering, but why limit the largesse to just Salesforce.com and its users?

Size - and More - Matters

Well, other than the vendor's ties with the CRM giant and its outsized footprint in the industry, Salesforce is the first integration Radius has created for the upgraded product, according to Arup Banerjee, SVP of Product at Radius. 

It is working on integrations with other vendors, such as Marketo and Microsoft Dynamics CRM and plans to roll those out in later quarters, he told CMSWire.

CMO Insight is a two-page report, give or take, and answers CMOs' fundamental questions such as 'what is my total addressable market' around a particular segment, Banerjee said. Or it can drill down into back-end sales and marketing operations to answer the question 'are my leads and accounts populated the way they should be.'

It is an excellent base for CMOs as they start their annual planning and budgeting process, which is underway at many companies right now, he said. The report is generated within 24 hours of its request.

Data Points at a Glance

CMO Insights breaks down the data on the company's win and loss rates and provides the top conversion signals. The CRM health analysis -- the question about whether the leads are populated property -- is done using the Radius Business Graph as a benchmark. 

What is new is the ability to define the attributes within a company's total addressable market size and specifically, its recommended segments. These Radius defines as "the optimal combination of business signals based on [the company's] historical success rate."

Of course Radius hopes companies will want more than just that one-year look-see. 

Signing up with Radius will provide them with more granular reports that can be generated at any time. 

Either way, though, the reports provide a good overview for CMOs of their operations and offer insight into where future profitability can be found, Banerjee said. Even if they generate it once a year "it can offer a lot of value that is hard elsewhere without a lot of work."