WebAction, a big data company that offers a real time stream analytics platform, just got an additional $20 million in funding in a round led by Intel Capital.

The company said the funds, which boost its lifetime venture capital to $32 million, will be used to expand the technical depth and market reach of its newly rebranded "Striim" (pronounced "stream") platform, accelerate sales and build distribution channels to help meet demand.

Striim combines streaming integration and streaming intelligence in one platform to help companies acquire, process and deliver structured and unstructured data. It was previously marketed as WebAction — the name the company itself will maintain.

Company Roots

headshot of webaction executive steve wilkes

Several former GoldenGate Software executives created the Striim platform after their company was acquired by Oracle in 2009. One of those executives, WebAction Chief Technology Officer Steve Wilkes, told CMSWire his colleagues wanted to create a company that helps businesses deal with high volumes of data by offering quick insights.

But, as Wilkes said, "you can't analyze the data before you get it." 

Hence the birth of the WebAction platform, an end-to-end solution intended to helps enterprise enrich data, deliver it to other internal systems and visualize data through streaming dashboards. The platform allows data-in-motion to be filtered, processed, enriched and correlated, he explained.

"As real time requirements for big data applications have increased, so have the complexities associated with managing diverse data sources,” said Arvind Sodhani, executive vice president of Intel Corporation and president of Intel Capital, the lead investor in today's Series B funding round.

He said WebAction has solved the challenge of real-time data integration and coupled it "with an easy-to-use streaming intelligence solution" — a potentially disruptive combination.

Learning Opportunities

Existing investors Summit Partners, Panorama Point Partners, Frank Caufield and Regis McKenna also participated in the round.

What's Next?

In its fall release, Striim will step up security and provide a deeper integration with open source technologies, according to company officials. 

screenshot image of the webaction platform called striim

The Striim platform now offers enhanced encryption capabilities as well as:

  1. Support for Kafka as target message queue: Users can now write to a Kafka message queue. More granular functionality includes writing to a Kafka topic and partitions. Striim formatters enable users to build applications and deliver output in a simple declarative manner, out-of-the-box.
  2. Hadoop/HDFS dynamic file management. Users can take advantage of Hadoop's distributed file system, writing across the cluster to multiple nodes. Striim enables a clever partitioning scheme from all sources into HDFS
  3. Support for Hive as a target. In addition to pulling data from Hive, the Striim database management system writer component can also directly write to Hive tables and partitions, enabling faster access to Hive data.  

Striim also allows users to define patterns that look for a specific sequence of events within a single stream of data or across multiple streams from various sources occurring within a defined time, according to WebAction officials.