Adobe to Acquire Tag Management Firm Satellite

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Adobe to Acquire Tag Management Firm Satellite
Adobe is set to bolster its tag management capabilities via the acquisition of a firm called Satellite, a division of Atlanta based Search Discovery, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reported.

Analytics Companion

Adobe's in house analytics tool already has its own tag management system. Adobe TagManager is a containerized system, a way to add and remove tags from websites without having to actually to go into the HTML to do it. Satellite also tries to make its system less technical, so Adobe must feel it upgrades or complements its own system in some major way in order for it to go out and buy a dedicated tool for it.

Similarly, both systems integrate with lots of the same kinds of analytics tools from other third parties,  so Adobe will also be bringing in some new business with the Satellite buy. As with Adobe's recent Neolane marketing campaign tool buy, the Satellite buy is all about building out a super robust marketing cloud, with tools and features that will help the company spread across the enterprise.

Tags Gaining Importance for Marketers

Tags, little bits of code embedded on websites for tracking and analysis, are increasingly becoming a data distribution tool, a recent Forrester report found. The tracking and analysis data are being used across departments for coordinating campaigns, a way to better re use content, and speed up campaign implementation.

Learning Opportunities

Generating lots of customer data from those tags helps create more of a 360 degree view of customers, and that makes targeting and segmentation more streamlined. The more is known about website visitors, the better chance a company has at creating a relevant experience for them, and more likely that visitor is to take a desired action.

As Forrester noted in its report, marketers are increasingly seeing the value of tag management, to the point they are predicted to increase spending on it by 35% in 2013. That's a big chunk, and with this buy, Adobe will likely see at least a bit of a nudge there. Not only that, Adobe could very well be hearing the footsteps of none other than Google itself that launched its own tag management system in 2012.

It's a free tool that eventually could become very popular, much like Google Analytics. Once that happens, more and more websites could decide to start using tags, and that could spur their popularity overall. Adobe hasn't officially announced the deal yet, so we don't know how much it paid for Satellite, but it will most certainly be less than the US$ 600 million it paid for Neolane.

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