If customer experience management exists as a framework for how an organization brings together its resources to optimize its digital presence for its customers, marketing automation seems like a perfect fit. 

One’s digital presence encompasses many more platforms today than it did only a few years ago and more traditional formats like online video are evolving everyday. As a result, many marketing automation solutions are poised to target customers and prospects with the right messages at the right time, regardless of whether you’re delivering an email, an online video, or an advertisement across a mobile device, social media platform or on a desktop. Yet, many companies are still struggling to take advantage of the ways they can increase engagement and generate more leads.

In this infographic, we highlight the different ways that marketing automation can impact a company’s customer experience. What you might notice first is that it’s not all that complicated to get users to take a specific action. Simply providing a personal signature in an email is enough to increase open rates by 500%!

Marketing Automation CXM.png

Automate the Message, Optimize the Experience

Of course, we know that if it was simple to execute, you’d be doing it by now. This suggests that your company isn’t sharing information in a way that’s making it easy to deliver the right message to the right person on the right platform. By integrating your customer relationship management platform with your marketing automation solution, you can increase leads by 20%. Previously, we discussed how customer contact centers are using CRM systems to understand where customers have been and what they’ve been saying online that lead them to make a phone call. If your CRM can help you better understand the behaviors your users take before they get to “Yes”, it could probably help you create the automated messages needed to get them there sooner. 

Why is it so hard for companies launch successful automated marketing campaigns?

Mostly, because many companies don’t have the right messaging and they don’t know who they are targeting well enough to craft messages that are relevant to where those consumers are and what they want.

As well, why are you making it so hard for people to sign up for your webinar on a mobile device, or difficult to engage with customers across social media? If that’s where your prospective customers are, why aren't you there with them? The automated marketing messages you create can help keep interested prospective customers on track to become paid customers. If a reminder email or text message can help increase the attendance at your webinar, why aren’t you doing it?

Customer experience is constantly evolving. We may refer to it as the mobile experience or the social experience or the web experience, but they all have an experience in common. Marketing automation alone won’t help you, just as a customer relationship management system alone won’t. However, when combined, they can provide an effective way to mobilize your marketing messages so that they are optimized for delivery no matter who or where the customer may be.