Conversational marketing technology provider, Neolane, has released a new version of its Neolane Marketing Analytics product. With this update, the company has increased a marketer’s ability to understand big data and analytics, so they can better connect with customers.

Even though the new year only a month old, Big Data is making an impact in 2013. Businesses are starting to notice it's an important marketing tool, but many of these businesses are still learning how Big Data works.

Despite this, companies like Neolane have been updating or introducing new products to help with the transition -- LogiXML has released Logi Info v11 which embeds analytics into applications, while Attivio and QlikTech announced an new partnership where they’d be working together to improve the functionality of their Big Data tools.

Neolane and Big Data

As a conversation marketing solutions provider, Neolane has noticed that consumers want to be more connected to businesses than ever before and need marketing teams who will listen to their concerns and respond in a real-time capacity. In turn, in order to properly interact with their consumers, marketing teams need cross-channel marketing platforms that provide a detailed and clear analysis of consumer trends.

With the updated version of the Neolane Marketing Analytics, which is part of the Neolane Conversation Marketing Platform, the company improved its technology so that marketers adapt their marketing strategy appropriately to consumer wants, needs and trends. Neolane has expanded its analytics capabilities, while also providing an easy-to read, real-time data report that has a drag and drop reporting feature and graphical interfaces.

The Themes of Neolane Analytics

Neolane has three themes that they kept in mind when they created and subsequently updated the marketing analytics product. They found that in order to have a successful campaign, marketers should understand, execute and monitor:

  • Understand: In order to connect with customers, marketers need to know what they are thinking, by being as socially interactive as possible. In using an analytics tool, marketers can study consumer trends and behavior and better understand customers.
  • Execute: Once they know what their consumer base is looking for, then marketers can tailor their campaigns appropriately.
  • Monitor: While marketers have made sure that their campaigns meet consumers needs, these campaigns still need to be monitored. By using a dashboard tool, marketers can monitor their performance, consumer reaction and ROI.


There are a variety of others tools that Neolane provides for marketers. They include: Neolane Campaign, Neolane Response Manager and Neolane Leads.