Customer Experience: piqora inlcudes pinterest instagram tumblr analytics
Pinterest marketing and analytics company Piqora today expanded its analytics platform to capitalize on the use of hashtags and trending data from two other visually-based social networks: Instagram and Tumblr.

More than a Number Sign

Social media hashtags connect conversations and serve as guideposts to follow brands and trends. While most strongly associated with Twitter, other social media sites, including Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook, have incorporated hashtags into their platforms.

As more networks use hashtags marketers need an efficient way to track this information across multiple networks. One company that has realized the market for cross-channel tracking is Piqora.

In the past Piqora focused on Pinterest analytics, but now Piqora users will be able to track hashtags, other social trends and images from what is referred to as “the three big visual, interest based visual networks,” with a centralized dashboard. With this dashboard marketers will be able to see reports on what fans and customers are saying about their company' product or service.

Piqora adds Instagram and Tumblr

Learning Opportunities

Brands are being talked about whether or not they have already joined these visual networks officially," said Sharad Verma, CEO of Piqora. "This constitutes a vast opportunity for brand managers to get deep insights about their audience and content and promote hashtags and content to acquire audience and turn them into customers.”

By being able to track these hashtag and image trends from one location, marketers will be able to assess where their audience is active, identify growing trends and successful products, and create better customer profiles.

Piqora's images recognition base algorithm helps marketers see what kind of images users are posted along with these hashtags and what are the most popular or trending images.

It is unknown at this time if Piqora plans to extend their platform to include other sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Piqora in Brief

Piqora, formerly known as Pinfluencer, originally concentrated on Pinterest marketing and offered clients a variety of products for this purpose. Analytics include top pins from the sharing site and engagement score by pin, while some of its promotional tools are coupons and contests. It also offers social e-commerce tools.