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Facebook members will soon have the ability to provide feedback on why they choose to hide content on their newsfeeds, according to recent reports.

Improving the Facebook Newsfeed

Facebook is a bundle of information with photos, status updates, videos and links, but not everything that appears in a person’s feed is liked or of interest to them.

Currently, Facebook offers users the chance to hide or report unwanted posts as spam, but after hiding a post they couldn't provide feedback as to why this was done. According to a report from ABC News' Joanna Stern, this is about to change.

Over the next few months what you will see from us is more on why people like and don't like certain things in their feed," Facebook's Product Manager for Ads, Fidji Simo, was quoted as saying in the ABC News article. "We are planning to refine those so users can tell us exactly the reasons they are hiding that piece of content."

There haven't been any details released on how the feature will look, just that Facebook will test it soon. Although Josh Ong noted that they might be similar to how users give feedback on sidebar ads. With this feature, when an ad is hidden a message will replace it saying “Ad Hidden: We’ll try not to show this again. Why did you hide it?” The responses that a person can choose from are Uninteresting, Misleading, Sexually explicit, Against my Views, Offensive, Repetitive and Other.

Digital Marketers Get Content Feedback

This new feature will help users make sure their newsfeed content is more relevant, engaging and concise and it will also help marketers see why customers and fans didn't like what was posted.

The tweaks are an effort to help Facebook feed users more relevant ads, ads it hopes users will click on more,” wrote Stern. “Simo said the new functionality will be rolled out for all types of feed posts, including ads and sponsored stories.”

Others noted that this feature might enhance the impact of other Facebook advertising tools and thus expand how well ads and other content does on the social network.

The new feedback feature could help increase the relevance of re-targeted ads served through the Facebook Exchange ad platform,” wrote Steven Musli.

Facebook in the News

Other recent updates from Facebook include the public release of graph search, updates to the mobile ad installs manager and an update to Facebook Insights.