Customer Experience, Silverpop Releases Smart Content to Improve the Reach of Personalized Marketing
Marketing automation and email marketing software provider Silverpop today released Smart Content, a tool that helps marketers extend their personalized marketing efforts to company websites.

Marketing Equals Personalization

The nature of digital marketing is changing as customers become more intuitive and demanding. They no longer want to see ads and campaigns targeted at a mass audience, but expect content that is directed at them individually. This has forced marketers to become more personal in their digital communication efforts.

According to Silverpop, many digital marketers have already mastered being more personal in email and social media responses, but they haven't transferred this over to websites, which can lead to a poor customer experience and poor customer conversion rates.

Now, with Smart Content, Silverpop clients who already have a personalized email component to their marketing strategy will be able to use customer information to create a better experience when it comes to website visitation. More specifically, in using Silverpop’s single identity technology, Smart Content uses information stored in a company’s marketing database. When a visitor clicks on the site, the website recognizes who they are from this data and restructures the content in real time to reflect that person’s interests.

A one-size-fits-all homepage is no longer enough," said Bryan Brown, vice president of product strategy at Silverpop. "Marketers have to be aware of buyer preferences and activities across every step of the customer lifecycle and then reflect this knowledge back to the individual at every touch point and via every channel where interactions are taking place.”

Further details about Smart Content haven't been released, but it is noted that it is designed to work with any CMS or mobile website and will also be useful for those businesses that don't have a strong IT department as users can make page and content changes and release new campaigns without having to rely on support teams.

Silverpop in the News

Besides receiving US$ 25 million in funding for behavioral marketing in April, there have been a few releases and updates from Silverpop over the past few months. These include an Email Insights app, a Universal Behaviors tool for hypertargeting campaigns, a marketing automation integration with EPi Server and a partnership with Venti so Silverpop could add SMS data collection to its marketing automation toolset.