Thismoment Delivers Robust Distributed Engagement Channel for Marketers
As more channels enter the marketing infrastructure, the opportunity to deliver unique, meaningful customer experiences through effective brand management increases as well. How to get your marketing team to collect relevant data, analyze customer behaviors, and develop the right message for the right platform at the right time can be challenging. Thismoment looks to meet the challenge with its new engagement channel.

Thanks to Thismoment’s new distributed engagement channel, DEC 4, companies can now streamline their management of sophisticated, multichannel and global campaigns while gaining access to meaningful analytics to measure and track performance.

Publish Engaging Brand Experiences

It’s one thing to create innovative, engaging online experiences -- it’s another to publish them so they get seen, no matter the device or demographic. With DEC 4, custom brand experiences can then be published across their web properties and social networks -- and are made available for mobile devices and tablets. Additionally, interactive video theaters and image galleries can now be built once and embedded on Facebook timelines, as Twitter cards and even as rich media advertisements on ad networks, ultimately allowing brands a universal and consistent presence across all media, platforms and devices.


Empowering Social and Community Management

Thismoment's DEC 4 also offers brand marketers more powerful user and social account management options, collaborative workflow capabilities, as well as the ability to track and analyze sentiment via social media monitoring. Users can access powerful analytics and reporting capabilities necessary to measure and track performance. Additionally, brand managers can determine how their varying campaigns are performing from region to region across their entire online portfolio and also compare the performance of one brand campaign against another.

DThismoment Delivers Robust Distributed Engagement Channel for Marketers

DEC 4 Sweats the Small Stuff, So You Don't Have To

Thismoment acknowledges that collecting, measuring and analyzing marketing content and customer behaviors is challenging enough, so DEC 4 automatically manages social platform API changes, as well as governance and compliance changes. This lets brand marketers focus on what they do best: building meaningful and engaging brand experiences. It also offers content administration and scheduling tools, improved governance features like consent gate integration and compliance with EU cookie consent laws, as well as push/pull functionality to copy and overwrite YouTube watch page metadata.

In order to effectively manage any customer experience, companies need a workflow that not only gets the right content to the right platform, but publishes in the right format so it can be readily available. However, not every management platform pays attention to the minutiae that can prove overwhelming to any experienced community or social media manager. Luckily, DEC 4 does just that by offering a comprehensive management solution that lets marketing professionals get the job done without sweating the small stuff.