Twitter #music Goes Live, Plays With iTunes, Spotify and Rdio

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Twitter's music app is now live for mere mortals, after its celeb-only launch last week. Prepare to find new music or your favorites, via the power of social media and popular apps.

Making Music Social

Anyone can share a YouTube track on Facebook, but what is the world really listening to? Download the new iOS app from Twitter, called #music and you see what artists are trending on Twitter and listen to the songs in-app (although some aren't available, and Justin Bieber was nowhere in sight!), allowing you to find new songs, find out what something you keep hearing is actually called, or listen to recommended tracks based on your selections. 

The new app (launched last weekend at Coachella) ties in to iTunes, Rdio and Spotify to help provide the music, perhaps beating out Apple's own radio service that's rumored to be coming soon. iTunes users only get to hear snippets of the track. A Spotify or Rdio premium subscription is needed to get the songs playing on your iPhone or iPad, but most digital music listeners will have one of these services running. 

The app is split into panes with Emerging, Popular, Suggested and #Now Playing, with tiles of artists that you can flick around to find something to listen to. Now Playing tracks are based on what your friends on twitter are listening too, which could be an eye-opening experience. A final pane shows artists you follow, allowing you to keep tabs on them and their tracks. 

If Its Too Loud...

While this app might be more popular with musos and younger users, the ability to discover tracks very easily and keep up with what's happening in the world of music from a single app is most useful. There's even an alternate turntable playlist motif, if you like to be reminded of your vinyl days, and the inter-linking of apps and services is most welcome if you're constantly listening to music during your day.

Learning Opportunities

It makes great use of Twitter's hose of music-based information, and the quick and clean jumps between tracks provide your own radio station of uninterrupted enjoyment and discovery. And, if you don't like something, never let it darken your speakers again. 


Exploring is a big part of the fun, find an artist and see who they're into, and who they're into, in a veritable rabbit warren of audio exploration. The #music app could easily just be the start of an expanded offering from the Twitter service, a #movies app could provide trailers, cinema times, gossip and content.

The app is available in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand now, with a web-based version rolling out today. Expect an Android version soon, and the service to appear in more countries over time. 

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