Weekend Reads: 3 Social Customer Service Tips + The Death of SharePoint User Adoption Complaints
Yet another week has come and gone, so why not take a few minutes to relax and catch up on our featured contributions? This week we took a look at why Yammer and Microsoft make SharePoint user adoption concerns a moot point. We also talked about why SharePoint will hardly ever be a company's sole ECM solution and got some tips on enabling social customer service in your contact center. So sit back, relax and enjoy our weekend reads.

Top Social Business Article

"SharePoint user adoption" -- three small words that leave businesses either scrambling to promote it within their company, or making plans for software launches to help solve the problem. It doesn't matter if you fit into column a or b, because SharePoint user adoption is a thing of the past -- or at least it should be according to Rich Wood in his latest article Why Yammer and Office Make SharePoint 'User Adoption' a Dying Concern.

A small cottage industry has grown over the years around helping companies become more engaged with their SharePoint platforms. The catch-all term for this practice is 'user adoption' and it’s traditionally been important to the enterprise, the user and Microsoft alike... As of this year, I’d like to stick a fork in it."

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This week, our must-read contender articles include:

Top Information Management Article

You may as well face it, SharePoint Will (Almost) Never Be Your Sole ECM System. Why? Joe Shepley puts it simply -- because most organization's enterprise content management needs go well beyond what SharePoint can deliver. 

The short answer for why SharePoint will almost never be your sole enterprise content management (ECM) system is that, simply put, the vast majority of organizations have ECM needs that go beyond what SharePoint on its own can deliver. Full stop."

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Top Customer Experience Article

Customer don't want to wait on the phone for 45 minutes to talk to someone about their concerns, and in a technology-driven world they expect to use that technology to their advantage when dealing with a company. So where do they turn? To social media, of course. What can businesses do to enable social customer service in their contact centers? Ashley Verrill tells us in her recent article Three Ways to Enable Social Customer Service in Your Contact Center.

In the past three years, customer's preference for contacting companies has shifted dramatically towards Web-based channels. Social media in particular has experienced huge growth as a customer service channel, with an estimated 47 percent of social media users now engaging with companies in this way."

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