Salesforce Adds Mapping and Data Features to Journey Builder

Salesforce announced plans for a new drag-and-drop mapping option to Journey Builder today, one of several new features that should make the tool more user friendly for marketers.

The new tool gives users a canvas that they can use to map the customer journey across channels such as social media, web, mobile and desktop devices.

Salesforce also added a Journey Triggers function based on predictive analytics that can automatically send special offers and other content based on shifts in customer behavior. The idea is to nudge consumers back onto the purchase path if they abandon a shopping cart, leave a web page or indicate a change in product affinity.

Monitoring the Journey

Another new feature, Journey Metrics, is designed to test and then monitor every customer interaction. "Now marketers will be able to track and test every part of the journey in real time against goals, using behavioral data such as purchases, downloads, loyalty achievements and app usage," the company stated in a release.

All three tools will be available during the next three months and will be showcased at the company's Connections conference in San Francisco, Sept. 23-25. Journey Builder itself is available now, with pricing starting at $5,000 a year.

The announcements come just two weeks after rival Oracle announced similar additions to its own Marketing Cloud. And Adobe is likely to make further announcements late this summer related to further integrating Campaign into its marketing suite.

Prior News

The upgrades follow a series of announcements by the San Francisco-based company about its ExactTarget Marketing Cloud. Scott McCorkle, CEO of ExactTarget, reviewed several in a blog post, including:

  • Adding a launch partner for Pinterest's Business Insight's API
  • The integration of the Buddy Media and Radian6 organizations
  • Expanded advertising opportunities with LinkedIn
  • Microsoft's agreement to use ExactTarget for its one-to-one marketing efforts

"This is an amazing list of innovations. And the product innovation that pulls everything together is Journey Builder," McCorkle wrote.