Wefi Helps You Track Your Customers

Wefi Helps You Track Your Customers

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The Mobile Stalker Marketing space has a new player. OK, we know these marketing tech software providers aren't out to enable stalkers.

But the technology does provide stalker-like qualities, doesn't it?

Watch your potential customer's every move —in-store, at-home or on-the-go.

The latest is wefi, a Menlo Park, Calif.-based mobile data analytics provider. It announced today a tool that provides app marketers with "actionable insight" on how users interact within their app as well as with other apps.

Alexander Zaidelson, vice president of product management at wefi, told CMSWire the tool -- called Compariscope -- targets apps marketers and product marketing executives within apps publishers and mobile marketing agencies.

"As part of planning and executing campaigns," he added, "these marketers need inputs about their competitors and market trends on an ongoing basis. Also marketing analysts that cover the app market can get great insight from Compariscope."

Privacy, Development Challenges

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Wefi isn't the first to enter the mobile analytics space.

Adobe featured yet-to-be-released in-store mobile app tracking and marketing using iBeacon tech at its Adobe Summit in March. Netbiscuits has a free version of mobile analytics.

A Gartner analyst we caught up with at Adobe Summit wasn't convinced providers have hit a home run on mobile analytics offerings.

Developing apps is a challenge to begin with.

Provider moBack this week released a survey that found the biggest challenge of more than half of enterprises developing mobile and web applications is the high cost associated with DevOps and infrastructure provisioning. Additionally, scalability, security and ease of use of the platform are key issues for more than 70 percent of enterprise technology decision-makers when it comes to choosing cloud-based platforms for mobile app development.

Then there's the issue of privacy.

Today, the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) announced that enforcement of its principles in the mobile environment (DAA Mobile Guidance) will begin late this summer, including new guidance specific to mobile, such as cross-app data, precise location data and personal directory data.

The Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) will extend their ongoing independent oversight of the DAA Principles on browsers to the mobile space.

As a result, companies that collect and use data across sites or apps for interest-based advertising (IBA) will be required to demonstrate compliance with the DAA Principles as they relate to mobile activity starting Sept. 1.

Big Data Meets Marketing

Wefi stands behind its tech. It allows marketers to:

Learning Opportunities

  • Enhance their app with features that they realize their audience likes
  • Optimize their campaigns in a hyper location context
  • Possibly partner with users' favorite apps


The Compariscope engine will analyze billions of data points, then combine that data on application usage collected from millions of devices with wefi’s data, including hyper-local granularity and geo-based context.

Compariscope will launch to the public this summer.

Looking at the Other Guys

Compariscope can offer a view of how customers interact on competitors’ apps, too. The big data analytics platform analyzes app data including reach, engagement, screen time, network type, connectivity experience, time and location.

In addition, Compariscope provides the data in an in-location context, which gives marketers the ability to target campaign strategies geographically.

Some features include:

  • Data on an app users’ engagement across other mobile applications
  • Analytics regarding ways users of competing applications interact with company’s app
  • Engagement and reach trends over time, both for all users within the database and for users of particular apps
  • Ability to compare app performance against category/market/other app benchmarks
  • Geography-based data on application engagement that enable marketers to optimize strategy for dedicated location based campaigns

"Our data is unique," Zaidelson said, "and therefore provides a unique view on consumer app behavior."

Company Scoop

Asked about pricing, Zaidelson said the cost will be available in an upcoming announcement. Wefi will have a few packages with a monthly subscription fee and additional customized services that will be additionally provided per request.

This is a new product built on wefi's existing Big Data Platform.

"Historically, the company was working with telecom companies, mostly in the area of network monitoring and network planning," Zaidelson said. "We originally built the platform for those purposes. We are now leveraging the technology to approach new markets."

Founded in 2006, wefi has more than 50 employees in offices in the US and Israel. Time Warner Cable, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Pitango Venture Capital and Gemini Israel Funds are investors.

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