Facebook for the enterprise is dead, and so is the freemium software model. Tony Zingale, CEO of Jive Software, wants everyone to know he is serious about social, and the industry as a whole won’t go where it needs to if it follows those models.

Zingale would love for companies to follow Jive’s model, of course, and representatives from Forrester and McAfee were on hand for a brief presentation on some new ideas the company is working on for its Spring Release.

Structured Outcomes + Impact Metrics

New features called Structured Outcomes and Impact Metrics will be rolled into the Spring release, Zingale said, and they are tools that make finding important decisions and key metrics fast. Structured Outcomes will label what decisions have been made, which ones were helpful and which ones were acted upon.

“Structured Outcomes helps avoid endless emails and extra meetings where old issues and decisions are revisited again and again,” said Tim Zonca, Jive director of product marketing.

Task management capabilities like this will be part of the Spring Release due out in the March/April timeframe, but even more will be ready for Summer, Zingale said. That’s because last year’s Producteev task management acquisition could be finally integrated by then.

Structured Outcomes takes whatever activity is being worked on, files, comment streams, etc., and labels a final version so it pops right up when another person is looking for something on that topic.


Color coded labels help identify which items are final, which were decided on and which were helpful.

Impact Metrics is pretty much just what it sounds like. It helps people understand how effective what they’ve shared has been. It tells who received the info, the influence it had and the sentiment it generated. In other words, the opposite of what an email might be able to communicate.

Purposeful Places + Mobile

Purposeful Places is a place where customized workspaces can be set up fast so a team can get ready, and the most important info disseminated fast. It’s a project specific work area for smaller teams to gather all the info and discussion needed for a new product launch or strategic meeting, for example.

Jive isn’t offering any new mobile apps, but the focus will continue to be on not simply shrinking down the platform to fit on a smaller screen. Specific app functions provide more value, and things like the iPad specific Jive Present are a key example.

Additionally, Zingale promised a more seamless Box integration experience in the Spring Release, and all the new features rolled into the company’s on premises offering at the end of the year.