Google Shakes Up Brand Marketing Metrics with Active View Initiative

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As brands move online, they want better metrics than just hits and ad clicks. Google is stepping in with a new initative under the DoubleClick banner called the Brand Activate Initiative.

Dicing With Digital

In the multimedia age, a simple click counter doesn't really do it, which is Google has unveiled a new initiative to meet the challenge of measuring changes in brand favorability of large-scale entities like a movie, a whole online campaign, fashion range or other multi-pronged event.

Armed with better information, those behind the campaign can react faster. And, the initiative has several parts to help improve understanding and provide better data. The Active View solution counts views in a (soon to be) accredited manner. while Active Gross Rating Points (GRP) provides a way to check your adverts are reaching the target audience. It's all a little complex, so let this video do the explaining.

Learning Opportunities

There is further information on a DoubleClick blog post and the company is launching the initiative at the Ad Age Digital Conference. It is partnering with various industry bodies to ensure its metrics are considered fair and accurate. With web engagement becoming essential for those measuring brands and marketing campaigns, expect social media metrics and other stats to join the party over time.

Coming to a Screen Near You

The scheme is currently in a pilot, and looks like the kind of project your don't just turn on with a switch. It will roll out to other Google products in due course, and is likely go someway to stirring up the current market.

We'd expect criticism and pushback from all kinds of parties complaining about Google abusing its position in the market, but overall, this could be of great benefit to campaign managers and marketers whose remit is more than just a static ad over a few sites.

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