Blueshift, a Smart Hub platform for customer engagement, announced at the company's Engage 2022 conference the launch of a collection of 100+ pre-built AI Recommendations Recipes for marketers.

The new recipes and Blueshift's Recommendations Studio offer marketers the ability to provide personalized customer engagement for content recommendations, products and offers.

"With today's release of AI Recommendations Recipes, we are excited to bring accessible AI directly in the hands of marketers," Manyam Mallela, co-founder and chief AI officer at Blueshift, said in a statement. "We are empowering a new generation of marketers who are data artists, combining the art of marketing with the power of AI and data science."

The new capabilities for AI Recommendations Recipes allow marketers to:

  • Access 100+ pre-built AI marketing recipes, pre-loaded with configurations for abandoned carts, newsletter feeds based on affinities cross-merchandizing, trending content or changes to catalogs and more. 
  • Personalize each message using drag-and-drop to insert recommendations into emails, SMS, push notifications, in-app messages or any creatives for campaigns. 
  • Analyze and optimize with advanced reporting.
In other customer experience and digital marketing software news... 

Digital out-of-Home Ads Now in Display & Video 360 

Google is making digital out-of-home ads available to all Display & Video 360 users. This feature will allow marketers to reach people out in their real-world journey with the efficiency of programmatic technology, according to a blog post from Shreya Mathur, product manager, Display & Video 360. This includes screens in public places such as stadiums, airports, bus stops, shopping centers, elevators, taxis and more, she said.

"With digital out-of-home ads in Display & Video 360, brands can combine the emotional power and captivating formats of traditional out-of-home advertising with the efficiency of other digital channels," Mathur wrote. "With a single plan, they can reach people on screens of all shapes and sizes. And, it can be done rapidly and efficiently. Marketers can activate, pause, and optimize digital out-of-home campaigns in near real time. They can tackle everything from strategy and activation to reporting and optimization all in one place."

Digital out-of-home ads placed through Display & Video 360 are not personalized, according to Mathur, and do not include individual identifiers or any user location data.

Learning Opportunities

"Instead," Mathur wrote, "advertisers can reach people based on contextual information of the screen location, like a traditional out-of-home ad, but with the flexibility and ease of programmatic. For example, a fast food spot can quickly advertise on a billboard in a bustling business district during the lunch hour for office workers to see. Later that day, the same billboard can promote an upcoming performance at a nearby concert venue."

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Zuora to Acquire Zephr

Zuora, Inc., a cloud-based subscription management platform provider, has announced its planned acquisition of Zephr, a subscription experience platform used by global digital publishing and media companies. The two companies are already partners and have a pre-integrated solution used by joint customers. The acquisition will allow for the expansion of Zuora’s product suite.

Zephr’s platform includes capabilities such as identity management, intelligent trials, dynamic paywalls, entitlements management and a decision engine. When combined with data from Zuora’s billing, collect and revenue systems, users can nurture and monetize their subscriber relationships, according to company officials.

“The winners in the media industry are those continuously innovating around new services, bundles, and offers. And where the media industry goes, other industries will follow,” Tien Tzuo, CEO and founder at Zuora, said in a statement. “This is what combining Zuora and Zephr is about. We’re thrilled to welcome our fellow ZEOs into the family.”

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