The Dalai Lama once said, “Without technology humanity has no future, but we have to be careful that we don’t become so mechanized that we lose our human feelings.”

The stories I selected as my Top 5 for 2022 have a similar theme — the importance of humanity within the corporate space. They all focus on the human side of employee and customer connections and community — while respecting and validating the high-tech components that allow us to make and enhance those vital relationships.

I’m extremely thankful for all the amazing people I met and the insight they shared with me in all the articles I wrote this year.

Each one was special.

So without further ado, here are my selections for my Top 5 Articles of 2022. 

1. Are CX Leaders Concerned About Quiet Quitting?

Quiet quitting — it’s a TikTok sensation and a viral catchphrase that’s captured the attention of America’s workforce. A quiet quitter is someone who is psychologically detached from their job — and instead of going “above and beyond," they do the bare minimum their role requires. Are CX leaders concerned about quiet quitting within their team? If not, they should be — half the country is doing it.

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2. 3 Basic Human Psychological Needs That Matter in Customer Experience

The strongest customer relationships are formed by human connection — and fueling customers' psychological needs is a powerful and cost-effective strategy for building customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. Social psychologist Dr. Ron Friedman shares the three human needs that matter in CX.

3. Amid Controversy, Will Marketers Change Their Influencer Game?

Are marketers afraid of the bad influence of social media influencers? Marketers and brands often employ influencers, but with news of million-dollar fines and the fallout from influencer tantrums and insensitive statements, where do marketers stand today with their influencer game? Perhaps the answer lies in authentic influencers — those customers who already know and love the product — or celebrities who truly believe in the brand.

4. How 2 Entrepreneurs View Potential Business Impact of Web3

With Web3 and its dedicated mission of a more decentralized internet, many business owners are looking forward to the opportunity to have an internet base that isn’t generated through a single funnel. Web3 is an internet world that relies on blockchain technology where creators, not giant platforms, have more control over content. In this article, hear from two entrepreneurs who share their thoughts on Web3’s impact on branding.

5. Is Ecommerce the Antidote to Ongoing Retailer Challenges?

More than a decade after the term “retail apocalypse” was coined, it’s still killing both independent shops and big-chain brands. But it seems that some enterprises simply refuse to die, despite the challenges. Combining the human side of customer connection, commonality, community and investment in a passionate, knowledgeable staff — with the high-tech online shopping components that allow you to make those vital connections — might just be the antidote. 

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