What is the proper way to have that hard talk about marketing data? What challenges does a one-size-fits-all approach to AI and customer service pose to your company? How do we better understand a customer and how do they better understand customer experience? Meanwhile, we are looking into what marketers can do to prepare for Google’s new API Privacy sandbox. 

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  • How to Have the Hard Talk About Marketing Data Annemieke Scott | Jan. 31. Do you struggle to acquire executive support for a data management process and resources? If this describes you, you are not alone. Data management isn't a glamorous topic or the next marketing craze. While it appears to be easy, it is actually rather complicated. It is, nevertheless, a crucial prerequisite for any company serious about boosting revenue while keeping marketing and sales employees accountable.
  • 9 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty Ken Peterson | Jan. 31. Someone would rather buy from people they like if they had the option. They are more likely to overlook little flaws and even large ones. People who like you want to spend their time and money with you. If you follow these nine techniques for increasing customer and brand loyalty, you will see a rise in sales.
  • U.S. Government Looks to Improve Poor CX Phil Britt | Feb. 1. Customer service that is slow and erroneous is an embarrassment in government CX. Phone conversations result in extraordinarily long wait times and lost calls; email interactions fall into a similar black hole; and websites are confusing and difficult to search. These are not new issues, and the federal government intends to increase its efforts to better CX.
  • One Size Does Not Fit All With AI and Customer Service Alan J. Porter | Feb. 1. Technology and automation will play a significant role in the future of customer service, particularly in the management of vast volumes of regular data. However, when it comes to addressing exceptions, customer service reps will always need to be able to use some human intuition and proactively reach out to resolve an issue before consumers even realize they have a problem.
  • What It Takes to Build a Citizen Developer Program Tim Kulp | Feb. 1. Changes in the workforce appear to be the standard these days. Whether it's record resignation rates, vaccine requirement modifications, or entire firms becoming ill and shutting, there's seldom a day when there isn't some kind of workforce difficulty in the headlines. But it isn't all doom and gloom. When used correctly, a recent trend can address not just some of your labor difficulties, but also move your company forward. The rise of the citizen developer is one example of this trend.
  • 5 Actions Marketers Can Take to Prepare for Google Topics API for Privacy Sandbox Dom Nicastro | Feb. 2. To move toward first-party data methods, marketers must examine their approach to customized advertising and alter data collecting and targeting approaches. After Google abandoned its third-party cookie replacement plans, the open-source Privacy Sandbox known as "Federated Learning of Cohorts," or FLoC, experts shared some action steps for marketers.
  • SaaS Is in Style: Here’s How to Collaborate With Confidence Dux Raymond Sy | Feb. 2. It just makes sense for end users: they pay a subscription charge to use the software — whether it's a CRM tool, an accounting platform, or a digital collaboration suite like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, or Slack — and are on their way without much intervention from IT. SaaS enables technology firms to respond to client input and improve their products more quickly. Furthermore, guaranteed revenue is appealing, as is the opportunity for upselling that occurs as additional users join and software spreads throughout a company.
  • One Year Into Hybrid Work, the Digital and Talent Imperatives Are Clear Kaumil Dalal | Feb. 3. Last May, we discussed the five fundamental principles that organizations should consider when they develop a hybrid work model to drive decision-making. COVID-19 instances in the United States were on the decline at the time of publication. Vaccines were being distributed to the general public, a return to the office was on the horizon and businesses were attempting to formalize hybrid labor.
  • A Deep Dive on a Customer Experience Priority: Customer Understanding Lisa Loftis | Feb. 3. Getting customer understanding right not only creates a wonderful customer experience (CX), but it also gives marketers an advantage in what I view as the main CX possibilities in 2022. In my 2022 marketing and customer experience forecasts and objectives, we looked at these prospects. However, unlike previous prediction lists, this year's focus is on a "back to basics" approach, focusing on block and tackle marketing best practices or dealing with hot-topic worries that we have had plenty of early notice about.

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