Generating free brand awareness impressions, avoiding customer loss, examining chatbots — these are just a few topics from this past week on CMSWire. Read on for these stories, UX design and research strategies and more. 

Diving Into Customer Data

Lets take a glance through the highlights from CMSWire's past week:

CMSWire Connect: May 10-12, Austin, Texas

You did know we're bound for the Lone Star State, right? CMSWire is holding its first in-person conference since November 2019 when it brings CMSWire Connect to Austin, Texas May 10-12.

Here's our Session of the Week:

[Master Class] Maximizing Customer Data: Strategies for Implementing a Customer Data Platform (PT 1). Here, you can learn more about Vernon Tirey, principal at CPDi Advisors, and his upcoming workshop. Learn about Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), implementing them at your company optimizing the platforms and more.

Learning Opportunities

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