San Francisco-based InsideView released its Insights Enterprise edition on Tuesday, which brings Targeting Intelligence into Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365. The integration gives users of both solutions access to more than 40,000 aggregated data, news and social sources, but more importantly, responds to a growing demand from Dynamics users outside of North America.

While certain Dynamics subscriptions in the US and Canada already provided access to Insights, the Enterprise edition provides all of the Insights functionality, as well as new account-based marketing and focused sales engagement capabilities, to regions outside of North America. 

Insights Enterprise, Improving on Insights

According to a statement from InsideView, Enterprise edition users can find prospects more easily, refresh account and contact data, and build prospect lists on demand.

By taking data from news feeds and social networks, pinpointing opportunities becomes easier, as does tracking those prospects as they mature.

“Insights is an OEM solution in the US, and Microsoft has decided not to roll it out in Europe. So, InsideView is launching Insights Enterprise which is a turbo-charged version of Insights available to the European and other non-North American markets. Insights Enterprise is available directly from InsideView,” Heidi Tucker, VP, Global Alliances at InsideView told CMSWire.

Insights Enterprise offers some notable functionality which is not available in Insights, including:

  • Prospect building at will
  • A wider range of watch lists to harvest opportunity alerts
  • Customized news alerts
  • Training and support directly from InsideView
  • Mobile integrations with Outlook for meeting preparation

“Insights Enterprise offers additional functionality on top of Insights: prospect list building and import to CRM, customized opportunity alerts for up to five watch lists (Insights only offers one watch list without any customization), mobile access, and more,” Tucker explained.

“With Microsoft not offering Insights as an OEM (Microsoft-paid) solution outside of North America, many customers and partners are complaining vehemently. They believed for several years that it would be rolled out in Europe.”

More to the point, for enterprises that depend on third-party data sources, Microsoft has nothing to offer in place of Insights. Dynamics 365, for example, does not offer embedded data in the form of company and decision-maker profiles. 

“Dynamics 365 is a software solution, not a data solution. Third party application data is delivered as a separate module for purchase form the data vendor,” Tucker said.

Tackling 3 CRM Problems

Insights Enterprise is a direct attempt to solve three of the biggest problems enterprises face with their CRM: insufficient qualified leads, bad data and poor adoption.

It also addresses a general enterprise move towards the use of targeted intelligence, whereby sales and marketing abandon the ‘spray and pray’ strategies and turn to a much more targeted process of understanding prospects, their motivations, their buying patterns and the social issues that impact their market presence.

Insights Enterprise does this by providing rich intelligence to marketing and sales, which provide a clear picture of the pain points and opportunities of their target buyer. 

“They more they know about their buyer, the most likely they will be able to position their solution most efficiently and win more deals,” Tucker added.

Expect to see more improvements from InsideView in the future. The company is currently building a suite of products to integrate with Dynamics 365 to clean and refresh data, send opportunity alerts based on a wide array of signals, and integration to Power BI for territory planning and other data visualizations. 

Tucker explained, “On the way there are more InsideView data integrations with PowerBI and Office365. We are working on 21st century solutions that clean data, augment data, filter and serve up the best data for an individual rep or the whole company. We’re powering predictive analytics and alerts to help salespeople to be the best they can be.”