Lithium's Klout Begins Partnership Spree With Epsilon Deal

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Lithium, the company that acquired the social scoring company Klout last year, is getting set to make a series of partnership announcements now that Klout’s algorithms and data platform have been integrated into Lithium’s communities and social tools.

First out of the gate is this morning’s news that Epsilon and Klout have formed a strategic partnership. The deal will enable users of the Epsilon Social Media Tool to access Klout’s dataset to spot trends, determine a customer’s area of interest and expertise, and measure a consumer’s social influence.

“This is the first email partner to have such unprecedented access to Klout’s data, Tyler Singletary, director of Platform for Lithium, told CMSWire. 

How It Will Work

This is how Epsilon users will experience the access: the email-marketing provider will combine a consumer’s Email Activity Score (EAS) — a metric in Epsilon’s proprietary platform — with the consumer’s Klout score.

The combined score will give companies insight into how these people are interacting across channels. The score could also give companies some leads on which consumers might be potential brand advocates.

Epsilon users will also get better insight into social media trends that are specific to their client by drilling down with terms referring to the client company directly, the company claims.

Essentially, Epsilon will overlay the Klout data on its own proprietary system, Singletary said.

This is not a plug-and-play feature that users can just turn on and crank out the insights, however. The company’s Strategic Initiatives Group will work with clients to develop an approach, Quinn Jalli, Epsilon's SVP of Marketing Technology, told CMSWire. 

More Announcements to Come

When asked if Lithium is planning to announce more partnerships now that Klout’s data is fully integrated, Singletary hedged. “Not this week,” he said.

In general, though, the company is “more prominently increasing its data partnerships. We are making a big push on promoting topics data.”

There are other partnership announcements in the works, he did say, although he declined to get more specific. 

A Timeline Ripe for Product Rollouts

The timeline should not be surprising to anyone watching the company.

Learning Opportunities

The acquisition itself of Klout is slightly more than a year old — enough time for Lithium to integrate the offerings.

Also, the two companies’ product sets were complementary to start. Lithium builds customer communities and social media monitoring tools for big brands such as Virgin, Best Buy, AT&T, Autodesk and Sephora. 

Klout, as an independent entity, was known for its Klout score and Klout Perks.

The consumer data these products generated are what was integrated into Lithium’s communities two months ago as part of a wider product rollout out it called its Total Community strategy.

Among the new features Lithium debuted was Lithium Integrated Profile.

It was the first time the company made the Klout algorithm available to branded communities. 

The company describes the Lithium Integrated Profile “as an expanded and improved Klout Score that takes existing Klout inputs and adds Lithium-powered communities to the scoring algorithms.”

And now, it can integrate with third-party partners for even more insight, the company boasts.

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