Marketing platform Simon Data announced the launch of two new products last week - along with an expansion of its customer data platform, aimed at helping digitally native companies deliver their customer experiences in a new way.

According to the company, Simon Data's marketing platform now features Simon Journeys, and Simon Mail. Simon Journeys works to leverage the company's data capabilities to drive revenue and engagement, using newly added features and tools - meant to target and personalize content across all channels while determining who, what, where and when to deliver content.

Simon Mail, the company's second addition to its marketing platform, is built to "manage everything from data integrations to personalization." Simon Data hopes the tool will differentiate itself from legacy email tools, which typically require marketers to manage everything from data integrations to personalization.

"Simon Data is charging forward to enable marketers to fully activate their data. This is what we believe to be the future of marketing systems and CDP — we are bridging technology, workflows, and data science together to automate processes that drive better results and increased ROI, quickly," said Davis.

Learning Opportunities

As a cross-channel marketing platform, Simon Data's new suite of capabilities have the company confident in the direction it's moving. Their goal is to now enable chief media and technology officers to create deeper aligned partnerships, eliminating the blocks between engineers, data analysts and scientists as well as those in operational marketing roles. Born out of a recognition of data challenges faced by brands today, the company hopes its new platform capabilities will cater to customer-focused, growth-oriented brands.

"The reality is that too many marketers are limited by both their data and their tech, hindering their ability to create successful campaigns that drive results quickly and easily," said Davis. "There is enormous potential around fully unlocking data to drive personalized marketing, smarter insights, and iterative execution. We've developed new tools and a comprehensive cross-channel marketing platform to help marketers better transform data into measurable outcomes throughout the entire customer lifecycle."

Along with its updates and additions to the marketing platform, Simon Data included upgrades to its supporting features - including an updated audience API, new ways to share and export data, new content deployment capabilities and more.

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