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The latest in partnerships, appointments, analytics, rebranding, social smarts and security from the Big D, The People's Republic of Cambridge, the home of the 49ers, Baghdad by the Bay and the cultural capital of Maharashtra.

TeamSupport and HubSpot, Linking and Syncing

Dallas-based TeamSupport and Cambridge, Mass.-based HubSpot want companies to know they’re customers too. That’s the focus of the recent integration by the software vendors, which links TeamSupport’s CS platform with HubSpot’s CRM platform.

Company officials claim the integration of data from customer support, marketing and sales between the two platforms will “eliminate the need for time-consuming, error-prone manual data entry and enables businesses to manage relationships with individual contacts and customer companies much more efficiently and effectively.”

An additional advantage of this combination is that the data — including names, contact information, etc. — are automatically synced between HubSpot and TeamSupport, updating bi-directionally for better overall customer experience.

Robert C. Johnson, CEO of TeamSupport boasts that this will allow: “support agents to have access to current company and contact data and give marketing and sales teams a broader context to handle relationships more effectively.”

Akamai Appoints Ash

Ashutosh Kulkarni, a.k.a. “Ash,” the former senior vice president and general manager of Informatica’s Cloud and Internet of Things businesses is moving over to Akamai Technologies — a content delivery network services enterprise. Kulkarni will head up Akamai’s Web Experience Division in the Santa Clara, Calif. office beginning this week.

Rick McConnell, President of Products & Development of Cambridge, Mass.-based Akamai, stated that Kularni’s “track record of success in productizing infrastructure software, generating go-to-market results, and managing global and diverse teams, all make Ash an ideal fit for Akamai’s innovative culture.”

“Akamai has always been about delivering sustained value to businesses by optimizing the performance and security of the end user experience. I look forward to joining such a talented and innovative team,” added Kulkarni.

Analytics in the Arena

Product lifecycle management (PLM) and business intelligence (BI) are meeting in the Arena — Arena Solutions, that is. But don’t expect a gladiator-style face off. Arena Solutions, instead, is partnering with GoodData to create Arena Analytics — a “highly visual solution that integrates the power of BI with PLM delivered via cloud.”


Company officials claim that this BI solution can be used to create KPI dashboards for reports focusing on:

  • product development cycle time
  • product quality trends
  • project performance
  • supply chain health

Roman Stanek, founder and CEO of San Francisco-based GoodData boasted that “Arena Analytics, powered by GoodData, will give product managers access to important insights for key process lifecycle indicators in real-time.”

Steve Chalgren, executive vice president of product management and CSO at Arena, headquartered in Foster City, Calif. believes that the partnership will “provide our customers with the business intelligence tools they need to gain critical insights into the trends that are shaping their companies.”

Brand New Brand

Don’t call it SlideShare anymore. While the slide-hosting service has been part of LinkedIn since 2012, the name stayed the same — until now, that is.

Now you can call it: LinkedIn SlideShare.

One thing the rebranding will include is the ability to associate LinkedIn profiles with SlideShare content, although officials still claim accounts can be kept separate. And while uploads to LinkedIn SlideShare won’t automatically be cross posted, users will find it much easier to do so.

Company officials at the San Francisco-based company believe that the rebranding is mostly about “empowering professionals to easily access knowledge from subject matter experts on any topic.”

An FAQ with additional information can be found on the LinkedIn website.

Sprout Social Wades in the Meltwater

According to historian Henry Adams, “There is no such thing as an underestimate of average intelligence.” Meltwater and Sprout Social appear to agree with that philosophy. The partnership between the two media organizations seeks to “enable businesses to engage intelligently with their audience based on insights extracted from news and social.”

By combining Meltwater’s media intelligence platform and Sprout's engagement tools, officials claim they will “help find the right message to reach the right person at the right time.”

Jorn Lyseggen, CEO and founder of San Francisco-based Meltwater stated “We researched more than 100 companies and chose Sprout Social because it has one of the strongest social engagement products in the market with an unrivaled user friendliness.”

Justyn Howard, CEO of Chicago based Sprout Social, added “our partnership with Meltwater brings world-class capabilities together to create remarkable customer experiences and further promote meaningful engagement.”

The partnership will offer three different packages — enterprise, team and basic — all of which will be available immediately.

Securing Digital Rights in a Vaultize

Enterprise file security provider, Vaultize, released its enterprise digital rights management in mobile file sharing and mobile content management  this week — geared towards the BYOD enterprise community.

Officials claim the company is “the first solution provider to integrate enterprise DRM with widest set of use cases for enterprise file sharing,” including FTP replacement, Virtual Data Room, VPN-free Anywhere Access to BYOD devices, among others.

Key features of the security app include:

  • Access rights
  • Location control
  • Revoking rights
  • MCM Controls
  • Secure Online Document Viewer
  • Digital Watermarking
  • Watermarked downloads
  • Auto updates
  • Device Lockdown
  • Tracking

Ankur Panchbudhe, CTO and Co-Founder of the Pune, India-based company boasts that the security controls Vaultize provides will “embed access rights in the document itself such that it is only usable by the authorized recipients in compliance with DRM protection settings.”

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