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Got Klout?

Digital marketing provider Wayin announced it will fully integrate Klout’s profile data into their analytics and display technology.

This allows, Denver, Colo.-based Wayin officials said, customers to filter the social content they surface based on a person/brand’s expertise on a given topic and their overall social influence.

Wayin customers can now use data to filter out low-quality accounts and spammers.

Passports Ready

Paris, France-based Mailjet officials said they have solve the problems of inconsistent email rendering. 

Its new tool, Passport, makes responsive email design possible for anyone. Users can access the online tool that includes a WYSIWYG editor and HTML editor. Passport is powered by Javascript library React.JS. Passport gives users access to Mailjet’s suite of testing features, such as A/X testing and Campaign Comparison.

Welcome, Onboard

Lindon, Utah-based BambooHR announced it has added two new features to its HR management platform: Employee Self-Onboarding and Performance Management. Users of the software will be able to onboard, measure, engage and manage their employees’ performance, according to company officials.

“For too long, HR has been unnecessarily burdened by manual processes,” Ben Peterson, CEO and co-founder of BambooHR, said in a statement. “... These new features will make onboarding and managing performance simple and painless.”

Businesses through this software need only fill out minimal information to create a new hire packet, according to BambooHR officials. The packet is emailed to the new employee’s personal email where employees can complete their tasks, fill out the get-to-know-you form and electronically sign their onboarding documents.

Wise Choice

Berkeley, Calif.-based Wise.io has announced the availability of Wise Response, which  analyzes data patterns from previous, resolved support tickets and recommends the best template to help agents respond to customers.

The goal is to reduce response times, boost agent productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

“Finding the right structured reply has always been a painful, time consuming process for our agents, chipping away at our ability to provide a consistent message and experience to our customers,” technology user Sean Rivers, director of customer service at Republic Wireless, said in a statement. “With machine learning technology that is fast and simple enough for our agents to use, Wise.io has given us a leg up on responding effectively to our customers. This allows us to reallocate time otherwise spent on searching for templates to directly serving our customers.”

Wise Response extends Wise.io predictive analytics solutions. It’s combined with Wise Routing and automates the support ticket triage process.

Smile, You’re Being Taped

Cannes, France provider YuME has launched of its programmatic video marketplace for agencies, brand advertisers and publishers. The offering includes both demand and supply side platforms, and, according to company officials, leverages its audience insights, multi-screen reach and proactive brand safety in video advertising.

“Our full-stack programmatic platform offering will go beyond simply automating media transactions to provide truly multi-screen audiences and preemptive brand safety that’s largely lacking in today’s programmatic video landscape,” Jayant Kadambi, co-founder and CEO of YuMe, said in a statement. “We believe this combination is unique in the market and favorably positions us to capture more TV ad dollars as they begin migrating to programmatic digital video.”

The YuMe programmatic video marketplace offering consists of two products:

  • YuMe for Advertiser: Addresses marketers’ key concerns around viewability, traffic quality  and attention through the use of proactive brand safety technology
  • YuMe for Publishers: Next-generation of YuMe’s publisher monetization platform. YFP is evolving into a real-time bidding second-price auction marketplace with ad-serving, yield management, publisher analytics and supply side platform functionality.

Money for Rabt

New York City-based Rabt, a content personalization startup, completed a $325,000 seed funding round.

Led by Abhi Anuket, founder of the strategic investment company Magnivia Ventures and his partner Jan Vorstermans of Qunova, a Europe-based, early-stage venture capitalist, officials said the investment will be used to scale up the IT infrastructure, to launch new B2B features and to expand the team.

“As digital consumers are moving away from their television sets and onto their smartphones, tablets and other over-the-top devices, Rabt is revolutionizing the way they consume digital content at home and on the move,” Yiannis Broustas, CEO and founder of Rabt, said in a statement. “Our proprietary algorithms personalize the digital experience of consumers based on their behaviors and preferences. As a result, consumers only get the content they want and media publishers and brands get higher engagement rates by offering relevant stories and content assets.”   

API Partnership

SnapLogic, an enterprise integration platform as a service, and Restlet, creators of a framework for creating web APIs, have announced a partnership that aims to simplify the development, publication and execution of any integration process.

Under the terms of the partnership, officials said integration experts can expose SnapLogic’s Elastic Integration Platform pipelines as web APIs.

These APIs, compliant with the REST architectural style, can be invoked by any authorized user, application, web backend or mobile app through a simple and standardized HTTP call, in order to programmatically trigger the execution of the SnapLogic pipeline, according to officials.

“Unlike legacy enterprise service bus (ESB) technology, SnapLogic is built on modern standards (JSON, REST) and supports both low-latency “always-on” integration use cases and batch-oriented data integration requirements,” Jack Kudale, vice president of field operations at SnapLogic, said in a statement. “Similarly, the APISpark platform was built for the cloud, with ease of use in mind, to manage and streamline the full lifecycle of web APIs. This partnership expands the application and data integration possibilities for our joint solutions.”

BlueConic Unveils Pricing

Boston-based BlueConic has announced its pricing and introduce a full-fledged freemium offering to the market.

“We’ve put it all out there for the world,” BlueConic officials wrote in a statement, “how much it costs to be able to identify, understand, and interact with individuals across your brand’s universe of channels.

“With the introduction of BlueConic Pyxis, our freemium offering, we want digital marketers to be able to discover and experience our platform – all of it, no credit card or PO required, no strings attached for as long as you need, so long as you adhere to our fair use policy,” officials said. “We didn’t see the point in offering you a compass just to put artificial barriers to you getting where you want to go; we want you to feel comfortable and confident in your ability to explore new opportunities and we are confident about the value BlueConic will bring to your marketing effort.”