On Feb. 10, 2022, Piano, a Philadelphia-based digital experience platform, announced the acquisition of SocialFlow, a media-focused social distribution and marketing platform headquartered in New York City.

The integration of SocialFlow into Piano's platform will enable social media teams to improve interactions across numerous accounts, as well as acquire a better understanding of how content drives revenue, company officials said in the press release. SocialFlow also allows the management of organic posting across platforms, the management of sponsored social media initiatives and the collection of analytics on user clicks.

While social media in digital strategy has continued to increase in importance, the full extent of its influence has remained a blind spot for most organizations, Michael Silberman, SVP Strategy at Piano, told CMSWire.

Piano strives to assist organizations in quantifying factors that have a direct impact on their business and revenue, such as the advertising and subscription value generated by each social account, the relative engagement of each account's audience and the model propensity scores of visitors, said Silberman. By incorporating SocialFlow into the company's product, it will allow the construction of new connections between social media and the on-site user journey.

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Social Spaces More Accessible to Piano

“This acquisition creates a new offering for Piano as we enter the social media space. For the first time, we can now help publishers activate their data not only on their own websites but also across other areas of the web — in this case, on social media,” said Silberman. He added that other aspects of SocialFlow's business include managed services for paid social media, a future option under Piano’s Strategic Services department, which provides consulting services to clients. 

As a byproduct of this acquisition, Piano gained around 20 new workers, all of whom have extensive experience in the social media arena and will be essential to the company as they expand their business while continuing to support current clients.

Piano intends to grow the development staff and make significant investments in the enhancement of the SocialFlow software. The priority will be to update the platform and bring it up to par with other products. Then, SocialFlow will complete a comprehensive integration so that clients can easily link social accounts and immediately benefit from the connection to the rest of Piano's suite of applications.

Learning Opportunities

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SocialFlow Will Increase Piano’s Momentum

Since the merger of Piano Media and Tinypass in 2015 to establish Piano, the company has acquired five more entities: Ukraine-based Newzmate in 2018, Cxense in 2019, AT Internet and CeleraOne in 2021 and now SocialFlow.

The company's largest purchase last year was AT Internet, which resulted in the creation of the Piano Analytics product. Piano believes the information gained from accurate, comprehensive data and sophisticated analytics tools is critical for informing every digital technique. While it's feasible to create data reporting infrastructure separately given an endless amount of time and money, the benefits of doing so fade over time.

By acquiring AT Internet, the firm combined advanced analytics capabilities into all other products, providing clients with insights into user behavior and, in turn, allowing them to optimize personalization, subscriptions, advertising and, now, social media.

With the integration of SocialFlow, Piano clients will be able to access resources, such as audience segmentation information, use SocialFlow click data to enrich anonymous user profiles and incorporate social engagement data into content and attribution analytics.

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