Canto, an enterprise digital asset management (DAM) provider, is updating its platform with a focus on mobile, third-party application integration and round-the-clock access to digital assets.

Officials at the San Francisco-based vendor promised that Version 10 of Cumulus X will offer branded, mobile-friendly, read-only access to assets by thousands of simultaneous users.

It also features a new iOS app for better read/write mobile DAM support on iPad and iPhone and an enhanced API for integration with other enterprise applications and third-party platforms, they said.

Mobile Rules

head shot of leslie weller, head of marketing at Canto

The mobile enhancements to the platform provide a “really great customer experience,” said Leslie Weller, director of marketing at 85-employee Canto, which this year celebrates its 25th birthday.

The new features provide a "modern way to preview content and easily find what you need" on any device, she added.

The Cumulus X platform “solves the chaos” for enterprises that need to manage digital assets. It’s built using responsive design.

Jack McGannon, CEO of Canto, said in a statement that Cumulus X Canto creates more opportunities for customers to integrate DAM with third-party platforms and enterprise applications, as well as more options to access and manage their digital assets, regardless of their locations.

He said the Cumulus X API improves integrations with enterprise applications including content management systems, project management, marketing automation, ERP, e-commerce and publishing applications.

Additional features include:

  • On-the-fly image resizing, cropping and crop templates
  • Multi-page preview and zooming up to 4K resolution
  • Built-in SEO support
  • Branding, theming mechanism allowing for UI customization
  • Cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployment options
  • HTML5 video player tag support

DAM Support

Adobe and the IDC just yesterday released research on the merits of enterprise DAM systems. Adobe of San Jose, Calif. produces DAM software and Framingham, Mass.-based IDC conducts industry research.

Learning Opportunities

screenshot of the canto digital asset management

Adobe and the IDC InfoBrief interviewed creative services and digital marketing leaders and used a web-based survey completed in May of 123 digital market, creative services, digital asset management and IT leaders in North America.

The survey found 97 percent of have reduced asset creation costs by 10 percent or more with a DAM solution. Some question, though, if there will ever be a perfect DAM.

“The future promises an even greater return as DAM emerges as the hub of an end-to-end digital media supply chain that combines creativity with business insight,” according to the report. “As the pace of digital business accelerates marketers must deliver responsive, personalized and engaging experiences across a growing number of digital touchpoints — including a wide array of mobile devices.”

Weller said Canto's DAM stands out for its deployment options -- on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud.

“We also offer a bundled approach with our professional services,” he said. “We want to make sure customers are successful.”

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