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Customer intelligence management surfaces all of the hidden data points on a customer for a multi-faceted view PHOTO: Maarten van den Heuvel

If you haven't heard much about Customer Intelligence Management, it won't be long before you do. At least if David Corrigan and Nick Halsey have their way.

Corrigan is the CEO of Toronto-based customer intelligence management provider AllSight and Halsey is the COO of big data analytics and visualization provider Zoomdata, which has co-headquarters in Reston, Va. and San Mateo, Calif.

AllSight and Zoomdata Partner to Surface Hidden Data

"Customer Intelligence Management, as a term, is still emerging, but it is what comes next, after Customer 360," Corrigan told CMSWire. It includes analytics on top of structured, unstructured and transactional data stored in customer data lakes and delivers insights around customer attitudes, actions, experiences and influence and makes them actionable.

Or, in other words, AllSight provides a Customer 360 view of what customers are doing online, in-store through an app or all of the above.

Yesterday, Zoomdata announced its visual analytics platform for big data will be embedded into AllSight, giving enterprises a way to visually understand customer journeys from a single out-of-the-box solution.

"There is nothing like it on the market," Corrigan told CMSWire. Enterprises who own this capability have built it themselves, from disparate components, he explained.

The Zoomdata-enriched AllSight product is focused on customer intelligence, which leverages data from sales (CRM), marketing and customer support to provide a multi-faceted view of the customer.

A Multi-Faceted Customer View

The differentiators here are significant, according to Sheryl Kingstone, director of customer experience and commerce at 451 Research. 

She explained that while a vendor like Salesforce might offer insights around CRM, and another vendor might provide them around marketing and still a different vendor around customer service, "looking at them together is what matters most if you are going to view the entire customer experience," she said. 

And while having the data is important, "it doesn't mean much if you can't see it," she explained.

(Editor's Note: Sheryl Kingstone will discuss innovations in the digital customer experience space at CMSWire's DX Summit, taking place Nov. 13 to Nov. 15 in Chicago)

Zoomdata uses entire customer data sets to provide behavior insights through segmented charts like heat maps that display sentiment by state, word clouds that identify key phrases used across the entire customer base, transactional information associated with store locations and more. Zoomdata can also bring in data from external sources such as those associated with weather patterns.

AllSight works by capturing the huge volume and variety of customer data across a wide range of devices and channels, brings in third party data from external sources and leverages big data crushers like Apache Hadoop, Spark and Elasticsearch to glean insights.

And while these insights can be acquired at an aggregate level and answer simple queries on large data sets, it can also handle complex requests like "show me 35 to 44 year-olds who live in Toronto and regularly attend professional baseball and soccer games."

Display those results as data points on a city map on the screen of your phone and it won't be too hard to find your customer. Or to sell the software that rendered the result.

"It's like handing candy to a baby," Corrigan told CMSWire.