Amdocs has rolled out an intelligent bot called Smartbot for its digital service provider customers. Powered by aia, Amdocs’ intelligence platform, and Microsoft Cognitive Services, Smartbot is able to engage customers in conversation and perhaps more significantly, can also close transactions for the customers.

Amdocs provides customer experience systems geared towards telecommunications and media companies.

“It has been pre-trained on business processes and telecommunications providers’ specific intent,” Roni Dvir, Digital Intelligence marketing manager at Chesterfield, Mo.-based Amdocs, told CMSWire.

A Walk Through a Smartbot Scenario

Here is how a transaction might work with Smartbot, Dvir said. A cable provider’s customer, let’s call him Dan, needs to inform the company he is moving to a new address and wants his services transferred. He reaches out on a channel he likes to use, Facebook Messenger, which he accesses from the company’s Facebook page.

The conversation starts with Smartbot. Dan tells Smartbot in simple terms what he wants to do. The bot then verifies Dan's identity by asking him to confirm, say, the last four numbers of his credit card or the user ID he set up with the company.

Once the identity is confirmed, Smartbot asks Dan for his new address. Dan types it in. Smartbot takes the information and behind the scenes translates it into the data and format that the cable company’s back-end enterprise system needs to transfer the service. 

Before the transaction is closed Smartbot, which is integrated with Google Maps, shows Dan the location of his new address in the map to make sure the information is correct.

Smartbot takes the opportunity to offer Dan a specialized offer for his new location, perhaps a lower priced bundle or perhaps new channels that are popular with other subscribers in his new neighborhood.

Should Dan have required assistance outside of Smartbot's purview, the bot passes him off to a human customer representative in a "seamless and transparent" way, according to the company.

A Bot Built on Integrations and Microsoft Cognitive Services

As the example shows, a number of customer service methodologies are at play here: omnichannel accessibility, security, internal controls, personalization, integration and the ubiquitous attempt to cross-sell. Peeling back the covers, one can see multiple technologies at play when Smartbot is in action.

For starters, Amdocs Smartbot is channel agnostic. Besides Facebook Messenger it also works on other social messaging services as well as mobile, web and on other platforms such as Kik, LINE, Skype, Slack, SMS, Telegram and Twitter. It can also work with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa.

Smartbot can understand the simple language Dan uses as he types because it is powered by Microsoft’s Language Understanding Intelligent Service and Text Analytics API. Smartbot can also integrate with a number of information systems in the back end, such as CRM, order management and a product catalog.

In short, the cable company in the example, Dvir said, not only has a 360-degree view of the customer using Smartbot but also understands the context of the interaction and is able to make an appropriate cross-sell offer — all without relying on an agent to close out the transaction.