About 400 people attended CMSWire's second annual DX Summit at the Radisson Blu Aqua in Chicago Nov. 14 to 16. The event featured three-full days of discussion, learning opportunities and networking.

The conference brought together the world’s foremost digital customer experience leaders and practitioners — those who are defining the next generation of digital customer experiences and creating the teams that make them a reality.

What did you miss? Plenty.

A World of DX Insights

Josh Aberant, CMO of Sparkpost, said growth hacking and testing models can lead to better customer experiences in his session at the DX Summit. Aberant was the CEO and co-founder of RestEngine before it was acquired by Twitter. He went on to serve as Twitter’s postmaster for four years.

He cited Twitter’s efforts in growth hacking. Retweets began with messy mechanics, making it cumbersome for Twitter users to retweet. Twitter tested new models and ended up making it easier to retweet.

“We made the changes based on the users,” Aberant said. Growth hacking involves using real-world experiences and tests in a user environment to see what works and what doesn’t.

Learning Opportunities

“It’s about experiments and making changes for a subset of users to see how they respond,” he said. In short, user-generated input is fed into the enterprise through data points to make things better for customers. If the experiment makes more customers healthier, then it’s a good experiment.

Aberant also told the audience that using the customer “funnel” to measure customer journeys and try to improve them no longer works because the “funnel” has become a “tornado.”

“Users don’t go through their customer journeys in these nice, linear paths,” Aberant said. “They do what they want when they want who they want it with.”

Seeing DXS16 Is Believing

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