Connecting with Bill Sobel

Keeping up with CMSWire’s connectors was an enjoyably challenging task during 2015 as we posted nearly 60 “Connecting with Bill Sobel” interviews to our site. 

Discussing subjects ranging from customer experience to social media and deep-dive analytics to dating services, the thought leaders we profiled were unfailingly generous in sharing their industry insights, personal journeys and career tips.

Interviews with Impact

Here is a small sample of what our talented trend setters and tastemakers shared this year, including links to their original interviews. And for those inspired to relive even more fascinating conversations, the complete collection of CMSWire connector profiles can be found here.

Sander Arts

VP, Marketing, Atmel: Original interview: Nov 20, 2015

“I always say — and with the deepest respect — that a customer is a customer … because the dynamics of the purchase process are the same. My passion is to find the most innovative channels for getting the word out.”

Neil Blumenthal

Co-founder and Co-CEO, Warby Parker: Original interview: Apr 27, 2015

“It’s critical to have a deep understanding of your company’s identity [by] defining a list of core values, codifying a company culture and setting long-term goals. Before launching Warby Parker, we spent a lot of time understanding what motivates people to buy glasses.”

Linda Boff

CMO, General Electric: Interview update: Sep 24, 2015

“The GE brand has … stood for innovation and solving the world’s toughest problems for over a century. [A lot] of what we do is invisible to … people [so] we look to be relevant to [those who] share our affinity for science and technology.”

Chip Bowers

CMO, Golden State Warriors: Original interview: Aug 20, 2015

“Fans are looking to consume content from the moment they wake up ‘til the time they drift off to sleep. [So] to fight through the clutter, we look for ways to help our advertisers connect with fans’ hearts and appeal to their interests beyond the game.”

David Butler

VP Innovation, Coca-Cola: Original interview: Jul 7, 2015

“Scale and agility are two things every company needs to grow and remain relevant in the hearts and minds of their consumers. They both drive growth but the way a startup must design for scale is actually quite different [from] the way a big multinational must design for agility.”

Mark Cuban

Owner, Dallas Mavericks, television personality, investor and philanthropist: Original interview: Jan 22, 2015

“I have always been very competitive. Whether trying to make money buying and selling stamps or throwing parties, I have always wanted to compete and show I could be successful at any business I start. I'm just wired that way [but] I don't take risks. I know what I can do to add value and help make companies successful [because] I see things and can help in ways that others can't.”

Frank Eliason

EVP, US Digital and Customer Experience, Zeno Group: Interview update: Oct 6, 2015

“No matter where I work or what my role is, my empathy for the customer will always lead me to fight on their behalf. That is what I am about. Social media [gives us] a way to know the people behind the brands, to be members of the community without trying to be the center of it.”

Fran Hauser

Partner, Rothenberg Ventures: Original interview: Dec 18, 2015

“At a time when only six percent of venture capital partners are women and just 11 percent of venture-backed companies are founded by women, it’s critical that we take an active role in bringing more female leadership into the VC industry.”

Herminia Ibarra

Cora Chaired Professor of Leadership and Learning, INSEAD: Original interview: Oct 1, 2015

“When I started studying how people made big career changes, I was struck by how hard the process is, how so many people stayed stuck in what they knew was the wrong career.”

Guy Kawasaki

Chief Evangelist, Canva: Original interview: Nov 10, 2015

“I am so fortunate that my parents made such sacrifices that I could attend [Iolani School in Honolulu, Stanford and UCLA.] I have four kids, the youngest of whom is ten [so] big tuition bills are what’s next for me. Even if I wanted to, there’s no foreseeable way that I plan to slow down anytime soon.”

Natalie Monbiot (formerly Natalie Bokenham)

SVP and Managing Partner for Digital, UM Worldwide: Original interview: Nov 21, 2014

“It is futile to hope to change how people behave. I’m a keen believer that success lies in products and services that slot into the stream of people’s lives.”

Brian Reich

Managing Director, little m media: Original interview: Nov 25, 2015

"The networking mentality I developed working [for Al Gore] in politics has shaped my thinking ever since about ways that communication can influence behavior.”

Fred Seibert

Co-founder and CEO, Frederator Networks: Original interview: Jan 26, 2015

“The Internet has enabled all sorts of ‘communities’ by making it easy for people with shared passions to find each other globally. Over the past few years I’ve realized that … my actual job has been nothing more than being a kind of professional fan, which has allowed me to project myself past music into television, cartoons and technology.”

Tery Spataro

EVP and Director of Innovation, CCG Catalyst Consulting Group: Original interview: Mar 11, 2015

“We are living in fascinating times! Technology is changing quickly. Don’t be afraid to ask … your customers what they think about your products or services. Keep your product human. As we become more [immersed in] technology, we run the risk of becoming less human. I don’t want that to happen.”

Andrea Syrtash

Relationship expert and TV personality: Original interview: Feb 13, 2015

“Social media is a powerful way to connect with your audience. The biggest tip I have is that even if you're selling something like a product or service, offer enough editorial and enough personality so your audience doesn't feel like you're constantly marketing to it.”