Mike Strutton

Mike Strutton oversees product innovation and integration for the Oracle Social Cloud, where he's tasked with driving social business and delivering better customer experiences.

At the CMSWire DX Summit, Strutton discussed the advantages of all-in-one suite solutions — solutions often created by acquisition of best-of-breed platforms.

We caught up with him to learn more about his philosophy of digital customer experience and how integration and innovation often go hand-in-hand.

Addressing the Customer's Needs

"A customer experience suite goes all the way across the gamut from sales to service to marketing automation to social, where I come from, and to data, the big component of data, as well as to commerce.

"It's about how we bring all of that technology together, not just integrating the pieces together but actually innovating how those pieces come together to make better solutions for marketers and bring about change for them.

"We know there's always going to be additional point solutions, there are always going to be new features and functionality that are coming from other solutions.

"And having what I refer to as an extensible platform, having API's available, is actually very important to the CX platform. It's very important to the social platform that I work on, so that we can integrate with other technologies, with ourselves and with our customers.

"A lot of times there's innovation coming and creativity coming from our customers and things that we need to do that we haven't figured out yet. So it's not a one size fits all."