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Dstillery, a company that uses big data to help marketers and ad agencies find new audiences, is giving its clients new self-service access to its tools.

Until now, the 7-year-old company has offered its data science tools as a managed service, but this week, Dstillery opened up its data management platform (DMP) and demand-side platform (DSP) to self-service customers.

Dstillery’s DMP allows marketers and ad agencies to use web tracking, mobile location information and other data to prospect for new audiences, and its DSP allows its clients to bid in ad inventory auctions.

Targeted Advertising

The DMP and DSP tools are aimed at helping marketers target advertising for the mobile, video and traditional desktop environments. Dstillery customers can access the tools through APIs.

The new self-service platform is driven, in part, by a desire from some of Dstillery’s ad agency clients to move some ad-buying and customer targeting service in house, said Kevin Reilly, Dstillery’s senior vice president for platform services.

The self-service option allows clients to pick and choose what ad targeting and buying functions they will do themselves and which services Dstillery will provide.

In some cases, marketers and ad agencies want to manage the ad-buying technology themselves, he said. “They make the decision what works for their business,” he said.

Enhanced Transparency

Ad agencies have seen pressure from their clients in recent years to add value, including tech-related customer targeting services, on top of their traditional roles, Reilly said.

Some ad agencies “need to have the expertise in house, and they’re less looking for service providers, like what Dstillery has predominantly done in the past, and more looking for technology tool sets,” he added.

With several large DMP vendors in the market, including Salesforce and Oracle Bluekai, Dstillery touts its tools as helping media buyers find undiscovered audiences.

On the desktop, the company uses an anonymous tracking cookie to find the websites visited by existing customers of a client. For mobile marketing, the company looks at anonymous data on app use and geolocation.

Dstillery also focuses on delivering clean data to clients, and it has developed two patented technologies to filter out bot fraud.

“It’s really about driving incremental audiences,” Reilly said. “Marketers ask themselves, ‘how do I identify the next set of customers similar to the ones I already know about?’”

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