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GetFeedback Wants to Leverage Email Marketing, Survey Platforms

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GetFeedback wants to help you cut through the clutter that can quickly fill up potential customers’ inboxes.

Just a year after its acquisition by parent company Campaign Monitor, the duo is out with a new email marketing and online survey experience to better collect critical customer data.

CEO Alex Bard said the company is trying to provide a more attractive platform by combining the company’s hold on both online surveys and email marketing, which are essential to how retailers and other companies get information about their customers.

Best of 2 Worlds

Email marketing can be a tricky game. The inbox can be part of the enemy, as many providers like Gmail offer an easy “unsubscribe” button to send your message into the abyss.

But when challenges arise, you just need a new plan. Campaign Monitor says its combined capabilities with GetFeedback will enable it for the challenge. The company says it's tripling in revenue, paying customers and adding  employees — all signs that demonstrate its readiness. 

The real key is in how Campaign Monitor will now have two main tools: a hand in online surveys and email marketing.

Clients often want both, Campaign Monitor says, and now they’ll be able to get them from the same provider with GetFeedback on board.

Improved Marketing Strategies

There are a lot of approaches and different philosophies surrounding how to make email marketing more successful. It’s quite the moving target, as rapid technological change and the moods of the buying public can often shift without notice.

Learning Opportunities

One piece of insight is from a Marketing Land report that offered three different ways that companies could make their email campaigns a bit easier to chew: regiment, repurpose, and recycle.

The idea is essentially that a company undertaking any kind of email marketing effort should have a lot of rich content, such as well-written material and visually interesting graphics or videos (though probably not a good idea to go overboard with the videos). 

But they can be used multiple times. Marketers can repurpose and recycle blog posts into emails, or take existing YouTube videos and share them across their own channels.

There’s a lot of content out there, and you have to share it multiple times to get it seen. That’s especially important if you want those who get that email survey or piece of advertising to decide it’s worth clicking.

That’s the challenge GetFeedback faces with its parent company Campaign Monitor, as the public grows weary of how much information is shared online.

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