A content analytics vendor claims its newest product can help marketers keep track of their competitors and find opportunities to take relevant conversations to the next level.

According to London-based idio, the newly released Industry Dashboard makes understanding industry trends and acting upon related conversations quicker and more accurate. 

“You don’t create content in a vacuum. You create it in the context of what your competitors would say and what the industry would say. You know that your customers are not getting content from you alone. They are learning about other people’s products, and, more importantly, about your products from content from your competitors. So you really have to know what your competitors are saying,” said Kevin Li, idio's head of Product and Customer Success.

The new dashboard augments idio’s Content Intelligence platform, which uses content consumption patterns help B2B marketers gain a better understanding the interests and intent of their prospects and customers. 

It's a response to the growing quantity and quality of online — and the challenges marketers face trying to cut through all of it to reach their customers.

The Industry Dashboard should help businesses compare their content with that of their competitors, delve into specific topics within their content strategies, and discover content gaps and under-explored topics, Li said. Content is analyzed automatically and in real time, he added.

The Carrot and the Stick

“If all of a sudden all the industry changes the tone in what they are talking about, you’d want to know as soon as possible to hone your own content strategy. That’s the carrot,” Li said.

“The stick is that it’s a real pain to do it. How do you stay on top of conversations from a high frequency publisher? How do you even process all the different web pages that your competitors are producing? It takes a lot of time to go onto a competitor’s website and analyses the content in a way you can digest.”

Idio cites research by the Content Marketing Institute that shows 86 percent of both B2B and B2C marketers that use content marketing expect to spend more on it this year than last.

Last month, idio announced a partnership with Marketo. By using idio’s predictive analytics, idio execs claim organizations can tweak content to integrate with whatever marketing automation apps they happen to be using.

idio industry dashboard