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Two software companies whose platforms aim to help enterprises make the most out of social media joined forces today.

Toronto-based social intelligence provider Sysomos announced it acquired social media marketing platform Expion. The merger creates a social platform that, according to company officials, will be used by more than 15,000 marketers at 1,500 companies.

"The evolution of data science has coincided with the scale of online sites and data, and yet many companies are still unsure what to do with this huge wealth of insights into customer wants and needs," Lindsay Sparks, CEO of Sysomos, said in a statement. "For companies to excel in this environment, they not only need the ability to understand their customers, but also to translate that knowledge into actions and engagements, learn from the customer response to those actions, and iterate."

Industry Kudos

Each company has been highlighted in industry reports this year.

Forrester Research called Expion a provider that offered "competitive options" in its Social Relationship Platform Wave report released in April. Expion joined Shoutlet, Hootsuite and Falcon Social in that company. 

Sysomos, meanwhile, found itself among the Niche products in the crowdsourced G2 Crowd Social Media Monitoring report, also released in April. In that category, vendors do not “have the market presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate their success."

Marketing, Analytics Power

Company officials are calling the newly-merged entity a “complete content marketing and analytics solution” that will add context to millions of online conversations “while giving (brands) the tools to immediately respond and engage in those conversations.”

What else could customers get with the combined technologies?

  • Insights into common customer characteristics and motivations
  • Creation and distribution of content that guides consumers through awareness, education, purchase and advocacy

The number of employees will more than double to 500 by year’s end, officials said.

"The shared vision of Sysomos and Expion, coupled with strong capital backing, enables us to grow and scale as a combined force," Peter Heffring, CEO of Expion, said in the statement announcing the acquisition. "The amount of data Sysomos is currently processing beats out anyone else in the market. Adding that data science expertise and their technical infrastructure into Expion's ecosystem — content management, industry leading user experience, and popular roles-based architecture —creates a company positioned to lead the industry."

'Social Listening of Google'

One “power user for ages” of the Sysomos platform told CMSWire in a Twitter conversation it has “always been my tool of choice in a crowded market of listening tools and the ones we have internally.”

Prashant Mistry, who works at the New York City agency We Are Social as a senior research and insight analyst, said he has used Sysomos for more than three years now. He is also on the Sysomos Product Advisory Program.

“We use it for a variety of listening reports including monthly, quarterly, campaigns and audits,” he told CMSWire. “We use it to find out volume over time, conversation drivers/themes, most retweets, influencers/communities, demographics.”

He added he likes the “ease of use to search for anything, in any country/language, in the past year.”

“It's the social listening version of Google,” Mistry added.

He said for improvements the platform could use the ability to use date and country filters on Instagram searches and image/logo detection, just like Crimson Hexagon announced in June

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