Want to Read Your Customers' Minds?

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What if you could not only read you customers’ minds but also use what you discover to create the ultimate in personalized content?

Granted, this is still an elusive ambition. But this week predictive content analytics vendor idio moved a bit closer to bringing it to reality through a partnership with Marketo.

Ed Barrow, CEO and co-founder of idio, said the key is combining predictive content analytics with predictive engagement. Together, they make it easier for organizations to anticipate the content most in demand by their customers.

The goal is to create a customer experience that goes beyond anything else on the market, he boasted.

Marketing Automation Content

By using idio’s predictive analytics, Barrow claims organizations will also be able to tweak content to integrate with whatever marketing automation apps it happens to be using.

“Marketing automation tools are only as good as the rules and scoring and campaigns that you build. We are here to tell you actually what to put into your marketing automation app," he said.


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He explained that typical web and marketing analytics work at the page or the campaign level. They can identify the top pages on a given website or even the top assets. They can explain what is driving engagement in a general manner.

But they can't do two other things, he said: explain why a specific of content was engaging for customers or provide guidance about what to do next.

This is where idio fits in, he said. "Organizations need to look beyond the demand for a particular topic. They also need to look at how much content they have already produced about that topic and how you can used based on an analysis of customer content use. So we match demand with supply, “ he explained.

There are three guiding principles

  1. Relevance: Engagement needs to be meaningful with customer attention won by relevance and unique insights
  2. Content: Content is part of a journey. It injects relevance into every stage of the buying cycle. It moves prospects through the funnel, facilitates conversation and aids retention
  3. You Are What You Read: Customers constantly tell you what they are interested in by the content they read. With the right tools, this can be turned into insights.

Predictive Content Analytics

Idio suggests asking five questions about your content: who, what, when, where and why.

"You answer those questions effectively you can provide the best customer experience, the best customer interaction and then you can optimize your business strategy across the business to gain business value. The big question is why. Why are the interacting with you today, why should you phone them today,” he said.

Learning Opportunities

While many vendors talk about return-on-investment, few offer way to measure marketing effectiveness. Idio does, claims Chief Marketing Office and co-founder Andrew Davies. Davies explained in a blog post on the Docurated website how idio calculates it:

““The number one way to measure marketing effectiveness is number and value of leads generated. The ROI formula we use at idio for evaluating all of our campaigns is: ROI =(Gain-Cost)/Cost. Let me show you how that works with a real life campaign,” Andrews said.

idio dashboard

Marketo and idio

This is where the Marketo partnership comes into play.

Idio is built to stand alongside marketing automation platforms to offer insight about effective content.

“The same questions keep coming up time and time again. How do I create content. What content should I produce? Who should I hire to do that? How do I run that process? How do I scale that process? How do I connect that content to a return? How does it product incremental leads and incremental pipeline?” Barrow said.

During the process of partnering with Marketo, idio reps went to existing clients to find out what they were looking for.

“We worked closely with our clients and talked to them about how they wanted to integrate us into their marketing stack. We are the glue that holds together execution systems like Marketo or underlying sales automation apps or CRM systems,” Barrow said.

The partnership talks have been going on for about 12 months. The deal will ultimately bring idio predictive content analytics to Marketo customers.