Document management roll-up

A year after it announced plans to bring Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, Microsoft started introducing those capabilities.

The same capabilities that already exist in Exchange, Outlook and the Outlook Web App, they promise offer broader protection of data wherever it lives. Office 2016 also supports DLP in Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.

They enable the apps to scan documents for defined sensitive information, identifies that information and prevents distribution of documents containing that information. Microsoft has also added policy tips and end-user information to educate workers about sensitive data, according to the Microsoft Office blog.

Box Enhances Security Too

Box also announced a number of updates BoxWorks 2015 this week designed to enhance data security. They include legal holds, which give companies the ability to lock down or prevent the deletion of documents. Whitney Bouck, general manager for Box, said legal holds were introduced in response to user demand.

Box also introduced a number of new services including Device Trust, a tool that monitors the security parameters of a document and stops anyone from sharing it unless specific criteria have been met.

LibreOffice: Still Work To Be Done

This week marks the fifth year since LibreOffice, the open source productivity suite, forked from under the umbrella of the Document Foundation (DF).

The goal was to create an enterprise-ready office suite that is free and accessible to all.

LibreOffice now runs on multiple operating systems. It has become the default productivity suite in most standard Linux environments and also has Windows, Mac, Android and iOS versions. In addition, it is gaining traction in both the public sector and enterprise space, with the DF claiming 120 million downloads as of May.

Can it really compete with Microsoft Office? Italo Vignoli, one of the organizers of the Document Foundation, answered cautiously.

Competing with commercial offerings is a challenge for a free software project like LibreOffice because the majority of volunteers have technical backgrounds, but lack sales and marketing skills, he explained.

“We are trying to improve in that area, but is not easy," he told CMSWire. Nonetheless. version 5.0, released last summer was a major step forward, he noted.

SmartVault Targets Financials

Online document management provider and portal developer SmartVault launched a new version for accountants.

SmartVault is describing this as a is a significant upgrade that enables users to improve their document processes, including the routing of documents.

It also enables users to find, view and edit documents quicker and easier, the company claims.

Lexalytics Text Sentiment

Boston-based text and sentiment analytics provider Lexalytics has expanded its language capabilities to include Danish, Norwegian and Swedish, bringing its total support to 19 languages.

Lexalytics deploys cloud and on-premises text and sentiment analysis technologies that transform customers’ thoughts and conversations into actionable insights.