Oracle Announces Oracle Journeys

Oracle Endeavors to Enhance the Employee Experience With Oracle Journeys

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Oracle announced Oracle Journeys, a new platform that aims to deliver a more personalized and streamlined employee experience within Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM.

Oracle has announced Oracle Journeys, a new platform that aims to deliver a more intuitive, personalized, and streamlined employee experience within Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM).

Oracle Journeysis meant to help organizations create a one-stop shop for employees as they navigate all aspects of work and complete complex tasks. The new capabilities should enable HR teams to create, tailor, and deliver step-by-step guidance to walk employees through events as diverse as onboarding, having a baby, returning to the workplace, launching a new product, or growing their career.

Oracle joins the growing list of big software companies making employee experience a key part of product strategy. Microsoft debuted Viva, the company's new employee experience platform in February, and SAP SuccessFactors has been honing its approach to what it calls human experience management.

Experience is the currency of the new economy for both customers and employees, according to a recent Reworked article, with Qualtrics and ServiceNow teaming up to combine efforts to streamline employee and customer experience. “Empathy at mass scale is the business differentiator of the 21st century,” said ServiceNow President and CEO Bill McDermott.

Learning Opportunities

The last year has changed expectations for many workers. "With our homes doubling as offices over the past year, we've grown accustomed to the way technology improves our lives as consumers, and employees want that same experience at work," said Chris Leone, senior vice president of development, Oracle Cloud HCM in a press release statement. "As offices reopen, it will be critical to provide consistent and positive experiences both in the office and for remote workers — but it doesn't stop there. Organizations need to provide guidance throughout an employee's entire career, from training to finding a mentor, returning to the workplace, and eventually traveling safely. Oracle Journeys will help HR teams provide value beyond traditional HR processes by tailoring unique experiences for their workforce.”

The new features in Oracle Journeys should help HR leaders by enabling them to move beyond standard HR workflows to create personalized, step-by-step guidance for any task. By providing easy access to AI-recommended processes tailored to individual needs, the idea is for this solution to help employees save time and improve productivity.

The latest innovations within Oracle Cloud HCM include:

  • Journeys LaunchPad: Delivers a single destination for employees to explore, launch, and share Journeys tailored to their needs. It can host any Journey applicable to an employee, assigned by their manager, or recommended by AI based on previous actions, events, or career progressions.
  • Journeys Creator: Allows HR teams and managers to create, modify, and assign Journeys across the enterprise. HR leaders can access a library of pre-built Journey templates, which can be tailored to the unique needs of the organization, workforce, and individual teams.
  • Journeys Booster: Helps integrate HR processes and other business functions such as finance, operations, and facilities management with third-party systems and external applications.


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