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There's no end to the amount of information you have to manage throughout the day — much less through the year.

We’re here to help you out, with a summary of the best tips from the year. Whether it’s cloud storage or picking the right software, there was a range of things on the minds of CMSWire writers.

A Sample of Popular Posts

1) Like it or not, email is always a part of organizing information. Scott M. Fulton was a bit confused as to the purpose behind the new Mail app in Windows 10. Tweet to Scott M. Fulton.

Just what is it that we’re looking at: a part of the free upgrade that Microsoft promises Windows 10 will be? Or a peek into a more full-featured package that users may yet be prompted to purchase?

2) The Enterprise Content Management area may be undergoing more change. That’s what David Roe looked into with 8 Companies Leading ECM into 2015. Tweet to David Roe.

ECM vendors have moved into agile mode and are now focusing on the development and simplification of their systems as well as automation and integration of new capabilities to generate value propositions for customers.

3) EMC is a well-known cloud provider, and the company unveiled big plans this year. Virginia Backaitis found out about it with Beyond Documentation, EMC Disrupts Itself. Tweet to Virginia Backaitis.

Not every end user, not every knowledge worker who creates, consumes or shares content needs or benefits from all that Documentum has to offer.

In fact a content management system that’s cloud-first (not cloud-only), mobile, social and lighter might provide greater productivity, a better end user experience and game-changing insights for a good number of productivity workers and still meet Enterprise requirements.

4) Lenovo really blew it this year when it shipped adware with a bunch of its PCs. Tim Pierce told us Why You Should Be Worried (and Angry) About Lenovo. Tweet to Tim Pierce.

Superfish is far, far worse than anything those articles might have led you to believe. It’s more accurate to say that it’s a near-total gutting of your machine’s network security. Security analyst Marc Rogers described Superfish as “quite possibly the single worst thing I have seen a manufacturer do to its customer base.”

5) If you possess the right IT skills, you can write your own career ticket, Erika Morphy explained in 6 IT Skills Employers Will Pay Anything To Get. Tweet to Erika Morphy.

These employees' skills are in such high demand that they can even snub the likes of Apple if they want to, and apparently some do. This October Bloomberg reported that Apple was having trouble attracting top data scientist talent — because its policies kept them from publishing their work.

6) The nature of cloud storage and data management is often changing. Eric Barroca found Dramatic Shifts Ahead in the ECM Market. Tweet to Eric Barroca.

The future of ECM is Deep Content. This new form of information-rich content is highly structured and human-readable, yet also computer-ready. With deep content, metadata is often content, often very structured and nested, and sometimes carrying very large payloads.

7) Adobe threw in the towel with its web form builder software. Lori Alcala looked at what was behind the story, Adobe FormsCentral Quietly Exits the Room. Tweet to Lori Alcala.

There is certainly no shortage of online form builders out there. In addition to a couple of those mentioned above, Adobe’s post recommends providers such as Wufoo and SurveyMonkey as alternatives to FormsCentral. If that’s not enough, take a look at Zapier’s post, The 14 Best Online Form Builders for Every Task.

8) Managing business information can be a struggle. Joe Shepley argues Where Document Management Went Wrong. Tweet to Joe Shepley.

How did we get here and why are things so bad with document management at most organizations? I believe, after intensive study and analysis, that I've found the precise moment when everything became unhinged and started hurtling down the twisted, rocky road to document management perdition we're currently on: the day we fired the file clerks.

9) Knowledge Management is about to collapse. That’s what Stephen Fishman says is happening in The End of Knowledge Management is Already Here. Tweet to Stephen Fishman.

Despite what people think, the end state of knowledge management is already here. All future things are uncertain and that is not going to change no matter how much information, or how many artifacts, you have at hand. Entropy dictates that the problems of uncertainty multiply with the increase of information or artifacts.

10) Enterprise search isn’t quite the same as looking up something on Google. Joel Oleson explains why with 6 Ways Enterprise Search is Nothing like Google Search. Tweet to Joel Oleson.

Taking an off the shelf product like SharePoint 2013 or Office 365 or any number of other specialty search applications designed for the enterprise simply does not work for many reasons.