It can be challenging to integrate unstructured data from third-party apps with Office 365. But Actiance claims it has a solution.

By the end of this summer, through a partnership with Microsoft, it expects to give businesses a new way to archive non-Microsoft data in Office 365. Actiance said the solution will give enterprises a way to pull in data from social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Yammer and LinkedIn, as well as instant messaging, collaboration, financial, unified communication and more.

Scott Whitney, VP of Product Management at Redwood City, Calif.-based Actiance, told us the solution addresses the 50 percent of enterprise communication that happens outside of email.

Office 365 provides a comprehensive archiving solution that covers email, documents in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, and Skype for Business meetings and conversations. But there is more in the enterprise than Microsoft content.

Just think how much information is exchanged via instant messaging, web conferencing, collaboration platforms and other communication capabilities. The data grew exponentially with the rise of social networks.

Bringing It Together

 “With social technologies, you can modify content, you can change whatever recommendations that have been made within a post, you can delete a post. All of that creates real compliance headaches. We saw an opportunity to enterprises and say ‘if want to adopt these tools for business, we are the capture mechanism you need.'"

Actiance claims it can take content from 70 channels that cover a range of industries, including those that are in the highly regulated financial services sector.

Archiving that data within Office 365 was a logical fit, Whitney said. “If you are using email in Office 365, it starts to have its own gravity as you get more and more information in it. So it becomes the natural place to go when I want to find and search stuff,” he added.