Everything you need to know about Gartner's opinion of cloud email providers is contained in the title of its latest report: Microsoft Dominates Cloud Email in Large Public Companies.

In research conducted earlier this month, Gartner found Microsoft has 8.5 percent of the market followed by Google at 5 percent. But Gartner cautions that the cloud office market is still in the early stages of development, and that only 13 percent of publicly listed companies are using either Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps for Work.

The research is based on analysis of nearly 40,000 public companies. Report authors Nikos Drakos and Jeffrey Mann sought to identify the leading multi-tenant, public cloud email services that are being used by companies of varying sizes, across industries and geographies.

Both Office 365 and Google for Work are gaining traction in the enterprise.

However, Microsoft is predominant in the large enterprise space. It's used by 80 percent of those companies with revenues of $10 billion and above that use cloud email services. Google has close to 50 percent of the companies with $50 million or less.

Microsoft has a larger share of companies with more employees, dominating the very high end by more than 4:1. Google's popularity increases among smaller companies.

Learning Opportunities

Geographically, outside of Asia/Pacific, Microsoft is stronger in all regions and industries. Google is the top provider in Asia/Pacific as well as industries where there is more competition and less regulation.

For publicly traded companies, Gartner said both Google and Microsoft have credible offerings.

This should put to rest some concerns about Google for Works security, functionality or adaptability.