Dreams do come true: The final version of SharePoint 2016 could be here in less than five weeks.

Earlier today, Gregory Appel, in response to a question posed by a participant in his seminar on Excel Services and BI in SharePoint 2016, said SharePoint 2016 RTM (Release-To-Manufacturing) should be available by March 14.

He also said Office Online Server would be pushed to RTM at the same time.

RTM versions of software are versions that are released to hardware manufacturers, typically before general release to work out any remaining bugs.

Appel is a senior program manager in Excel and based in the Microsoft Israel Development Center. He was addressing participants in an Unity Connect session. In response to a question, Appel replied:

His statement was tweeted from the seminar by session participant Rainer Jeschor.

While Microsoft has yet to confirm the date for the RTM or the full general release that will follow, March 14 is in keeping with the spring timetable that Microsoft confirmed when it unveiled the Release Candidate in January.

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The RC is as close as you can get to a full release. And it is “mostly feature complete,” Bill Baer, senior product manager for the SharePoint team, noted in a blog post at the time.

Appel did not go into any more details as to what might have changed since then, but it’s unlikely that it will be much different than the RC.