Put the IoT to work

The first-ever Internet of Things Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC), which opens today in Barcelona, Spain, is being hailed by its organizers as “a global benchmark event for the deployment of Internet of Things systems in industry.”

Global conference partners AT&T, Cisco, IBM, Intel and GE ― working together in their role as co-founders of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) ― view the three-day meeting and exhibition as a means of showcasing the many potentially game changing industrial and enterprise applications for IoT. 

Or as conference director Roger Bou succinctly puts it, “We aim to put IoT to work.”

Large and Disruptive

The stakes are huge.

IOTSWC cites a survey conducted by the World Economic Forum which concludes that 72 percent of company executives believe the Industrial Internet will be disruptive

A study by Accenture indicates the Industrial IoT is on track to produce $14.2 trillion USD of economic value by 2030

Thus far though, consumer applications of IoT have commanded the lion’s share of media attention.

Congress organizers hope to jumpstart the same level of excitement that currently exists for connected devices to the industrial applications that will be on display at IOTSWC.

With more than 120 speakers, 4,000 attendees and an all-star roster of sponsors and exhibitors that also includes Microsoft, Vodaphone, HP, Bosch, Deloitte, Accenture and Amazon, conference organizers are leaving nothing to chance when it comes to making a splash.

industrial IoT

Six Degrees of Connection

The conference will tie theory to practice by focusing on the development and deployment of IoT strategies in six vertical sectors: transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, innovation and technology.  

Among those leading sessions will be Jonathan Ballon, VP at Intel’s Internet of Things Group, Colin Parris, VP of Software Research at GE’s Global Research Center, Joseph Durham, Manager of Research and Advanced Development at Amazon Robotics, and Ron Zahavi, Senior Enterprise Strategist at Microsoft and head of its Worldwide IoT Architecture Community.

Jump on These Testbeds

Each vertical track will explore new industry use cases and highlight cutting-edge R & D projects using so-called testbeds, experimental simulation platforms that mimic real-world conditions.

Planned IoT testbed demonstrations range from ways to track and trace the assembly of airline parts, eliminate unplanned downtime on connected factories and improve patient care using big data analytics.

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