Most of us probably hang up instead of hanging on for that brief survey after a customer-service call. What if they told you, “Hang on for a brief survey, and once you take it, we’ll text you a $10 gift card to Starbucks.”

Now we’re all about the survey, right?

That’s the idea behind Rybbon, a startup that helps marketers entice customers and prospects with incentives sent digitally. Rybbon’s technology integrates with marketing automation platforms like Marketo and HubSpot. Rybbon’s latest announcement is an integration with SurveyMonkey. It integrates with the survey technology to send digital rewards directly to those who complete surveys.

Forget Snail Mail

Rybbon’s integration into surveys obviates the need for marketers to spend time preparing checks or buying and sending gift cards to survey takers, according to Jignesh Shah, CEO of the 2015 startup based out of McLean, Va.

rybbon digital gift technology

The Rybbon platform will deliver rewards instantly and securely via email, he promised.

“It’s a powerful way to attract more customers and more survey respondents,” said Shah, the former chief marketing officer at SharePoint integrator Metalogix.

Rybbon also provides analytics on its rewards. Marketers can buy gifts from brands like Amazon, Hulu and Visa. 

“It makes it easier for marketers to integrate gifts and rewards into their marketing campaigns,” Shah said.

With SurveyMonkey, Shah cited a client that sent a survey to 40,000 people and set a response-rate goal of 5,000. 

Learning Opportunities

“People have survey fatigue,” Shah told CMSWire. “The etiquette now is to say that if we’re asking selfishly for your insight and time, let us at least thank you. Using incentives on a survey is a common tactic.”

Survey Incentives

jignesh shah

Doing that using Rybbon and SurveyMonkey is puts the marketer on “auto-pilot.” Rybbon allows marketers to keep their brand messaging throughout the journey.

“We track every delivery and every claim, and when a reward is claimed we feed that information back into Marketo (or other systems),” Shah said. “Smart marketers will use that information. They can see Dom who attended their webinar just claimed his Starbucks card, and it is a nice time to send him a message.”

SurveyMonkey customers can choose survey rewards from Rybbon’s catalog of business-class rewards. One company, Xirrus, a provider of WiFi technology, created a survey using SurveyMonkey. It then built a gift campaign in Rybbon to reward survey respondents with gift cards. They customized the gift email and the gifting page with Xirrus’ logo, messages and colors. They used SurveyMonkey’s email collectors capability to invite customers to take the survey.

Every time a customer completed the survey, Rybbon automatically sent the customer an gift card. The gift arrived from a email address. Rybbon tracked every reward — when it was delivered and when it was redeemed.

“Rybbon’s seamless integration with SurveyMonkey really saves a lot of hassle,” Oscar Sanchez, digital marketing director at WiFi technology provider Xirrus, said in a statement. “The platform is very intuitive and user-friendly. More importantly, I think our customers really felt that we appreciated their time.”

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