User experience specialist and information governance heavyweight Gimmal have formalized a longstanding relationship in a joint offering that provides information governance for email accounts.

The new enables companies to roll-out records governance strategies, and also offers drag-and-drop functionality for capturing, classifying, storing, finding and retrieving business documents and emails that have been stored in SharePoint, directly from the Outlook client. With Gimmal

The capture and classification element comes via Boston-based’s portfolio of SharePoint capture and management products. Houston, Texas-based Gimmal provides the information and governance polices and strategies for SharePoint users.

The partnership is a logical one, particularly for, which last year added new capabilities to its portfolio that transforms emails into searchable documents that can be managed in SharePoint.

Using the joint solution, through the Outlook client on desktop or the Outlook OWA app on smartphones, users can:

  • Classify documents and email messages by following simple prompts
  • Find and retrieve documents and emails for discovery, audit and compliance requirements
  • Prevent data leakage by sharing secured links instead of attach

Email Governance Concerns

David Lavenda, VP Product Strategy at told CMSWire that a joint survey between and Gimmal showed information governance and records governance concerns are intensifying. “CIOs can no longer claim they have no responsibility because they have no insight into data."

The survey also demonstrated concerns about email, especially since many messages can be classified as business records. “A lot of email data needs to be kept," Lavenda said.

“We’ve always talked about storing documents, about classifying documents, about accessing social information to be able to reach out and collaboration. But one of things that the survey uncovered was about 80 percent of documents of record are email messages.”

Learning Opportunities

The partnership with Gimmal tackles this by strengthening Microsoft recordkeeping capabilities and turning SharePoint and Office 365 into enterprise content management systems.

David Quackenbush, president and CEO at Gimmal, said simplifies records information management compliance through SharePoint. "Its focus on the user experience and tight integration across all devices and platforms makes record keeping and compliance initiatives more successful,” he said in a statement.

Email Governance

The survey carried out to accompany the release are contained in a report on the risks of failing to treat email as a document.

It contains some interesting findings, albeit findings based on a relatively small sample group of 100 information governance professionals — 39 percent of those from the C-suite, the rest compliance consultants, analysts, records managers and compliance directors, respectively.

It shows, for example, that despite recognition of email as a source of critical business records, 77 percent of information governance professionals said that their organization has challenges with email compliance.

Over 50 percent of respondents said that the financial impact of not being able to produce emails when legally obliged to do so would be at least $1 million, with a third estimating that it would cost more than $5 million.