Your employees are on social media. You can’t stop them and, frankly, you don’t want to.

Instead, provide them with relevant information to share via social media and you’ll reap the rewards.

In fact, according to a study by Bambu by Sprout Social, three in four employees want to be kept informed about their company and if they are, nearly 20 percent will share that news with their friends on social.

Social media use in the workplace is not a matter of productivity versus distraction anymore.

As workplaces continue to evolve, so will the ways organizations effectively communicate with their employees. In that vein, the usage of social media by employees does more good than harm.

Employees Can Be Effective Spokespeople

Regardless of company size, employees are an extension of a company’s brand, and an informed and socially-active employee base can vastly impact many aspects of your organization’s core.

In fact, one in five people are more inclined to tell their friends about what’s going on at work if they’re kept informed by their employer.

One major incentive to social employees is the intangible opportunity to act as a brand ambassador while similarly deepening their social expertise regardless of skill level.

Give Employees Something to Share

Getting employees involved in your social media marketing strategy is a great way to bolster employee engagement, and having relevant content for your employees to share on social can drum up excitement.

Interestingly, 15.7 percent of employees don’t know what they should share on social media so it is important to be upfront with your team.

Learning Opportunities

why employees don't share on social

Not every employee is going to be your loudest cheerleader, which makes it essential that content being shared with employees should not only reflect the company as a whole, but also factor in an employee’s personal palette of interests that accordingly align with the brand.

By doing so, it enables employees to be enthusiastic about their work and reinforces the positive action to further the organization's reputation and interests.

Brands can get started by utilizing an employee advocacy platform to streamline social sharing and simplify the process for employees to get behind. A well informed employee can create a more accommodating customer experience for consumers.

Set the Foundation

Social media in the workplace can only take employee activism so far. If your company’s core values don’t encourage optimism and openness from the top down, it could spell deep trouble for your brand’s overall health – higher salaries doesn’t equate to more productivity.

Employee engagement is essential for all organizations to be consistently productive and successful. Once you have a foundation in place, communicate and collaborate, nurture and engage, but most importantly, get social.

Title image by Benjamin Child

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